Drafts of EEmc 2006 pi0 Analysis Note II

Here I'll keep some drafts of the analysis note, part II. As of Feb. 23, chapters 1-3 are quite advanced.

Note: some of the text the paper that is in red italics are notes to myself and the other authors regarding things to add, modify, take out, etc. Also, some of the text that is in blue italics are things that need to be linked or cited.

March 29th: almost all plots need to be redone with the current run list. A few major sections need to be updated to current practise or clarified.

April 1st: first version circulated among the Spin PWG. Plots need updated (but are not expected to have noticable change) and some links & references need to be added.

April 8th: Only a few figures in Chapt 2 & 3 need updating. Changes in plots due to changes mentioned in this blog. Some links & references need to be added and some discussion needs updated based on the new plots.

April 17th: only missing some citations

April 18th: (hopefully) final

May 15th: updated formalism discussion to specify approximations in formulae

May 16th: minor edits to formalism for clarity

July 1st: finalized numbers for AN and updated money plots

November 22nd: numbers for AN corrected for xF < 0, fixed typos, and additional details of Monte Carlo, theory, and cross-section expression

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