Online disk storage usage


The below list of questions would be a proposal for pre-allocating (and hence better planing) for disk space available on the Web server. For each areas requested and/or used, questions would be asked such as:

  • how much disk space will you need for this area for Year XX
  • how long the plots need to be there? (or) can the plots be re-generated on the fly?
  • can we archive them?
  • is there a real need to export everything to the online nodes over shared NFS?
    if not, any rule (time based) for migration from priority storage to archive storage?

Those questions rarely get answered (although asked yearly). Some rule of thumb are then needed

  • Areas need a POC ; new appearing area should be traced on our side and associated to a POC (leave some flexibility, but require organization)
  • POC will be asked for the storage need question. In the absence of an answer, an auto-delete mechanism with be put in place. If the requested space is exceeded, purging will be put in place
  • Old directories (past years) will be considered as NOT candidate for export unless explicitly said otherwise
  • Archival mechanism will be put in place for non-NFS exported areas unless explicitely othewrise specified (and explained)