Energy deposition in EEMC for an e- induced shower vs incident energy at eta=1.45

Abstract:  Electrons are thrown at the EEMC at eta=1.85.  The GEANT hit information is accessed event-by-event from within GEANT.  We plot the energy registered as a HIT vs the incident e- energy.  No significant nonlinearities are observed.  A sampling fraction of 4.17% is seen.
Figure 1 -- Energy deposited as a "hit" in the plastic scintillator (block ESCI) in GEANT, plotted vs. the incident energy of the electron.  The electron was thrown at a pseudorapidity of 1.85.  Error bars are the standard deviation of the mean, i.e. they correspond to the calorimeter resolution at each energy.  Distribution of energy deposit at each incident energy available here.

Code is attacted as eemc.tgz.  To run, unpack the tarball: tar xvzf eemc.tgz.  Then execute the kumac in starsim.  The file dohits.f unpacks and makes a histogram of energy deposit.

Additional attachment shows the sampling fraction vs incident energy, with error bars corresponding to the error on the mean.  There is an energy dependence ~10% which is (at least) qualitatively consistent with Jan's original study of this.