Hit errors calibration HOWTO

 This calibration can be done only if Space Charge & Grid Leak is calibrated at sufficient level.

Codes are located at CVS: /offline/users/mnaglis/HitErr

To transfer daq file for the dataset of interest modifiy file.lst file with proper path, then execute:

hpss_user.pl -f file.lst

Edit runFitErr.csh such that fil variable contains full path to the daq file and opt variable contains production chain options.

Change following line in the fiterr.csh to set proper library

source ${GROUP_DIR}/.starver  SL11d

Create directories to keep files with calibration parameters: StarDb/Calibrations/tracker

Exceute ./runFitErr.csh 

If everything goes OK, then you will see resulting parameter files : StarDb/Calibrations/tracker/tpcOuterHitError.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXX.C and StarDb/Calibrations/tracker/tpcOuterHitError.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXX.C


Those two tables are to be insrted to the database.