October 30, 2018

Removed old fc3 from BCF rack and cleaned up BCF work area

Linux installation and configuration for mysql use on new fc5 (which will become fc4) - gave to Dmitry, who replied shortly thereafter saying it is ready

Booted next fc machine (to be fc2), made db server BIOS settings (no HT, enable turbo boost, disable network boot), setup RAID10, verify optical drive boot works

fixed cfengine policy for ganglia on RHEL/SL 7 to include starting and enabling gmond

Laptop firmware upgrade, after it once again froze up - last week it froze a couple of times overnight while on the wireless network, with a non-provileged used logged in, but today it was "normal" - copper network connection with only me logged in.

etof-cr software installation (email request from David Emschermann ) (quick), then got a follow up email asking about setting up another machine for etof with more CPU and RAM to process "timeslices" for online monitoring.

attempted to register for Qualified Electrical Worker 1 training on November 16 - reply I got was only that my registration was pending and I would be notified of confirmation and schedule.

James Smart added me to the "Windows Platform" group. What is that???