06) QAed relative gains BSMDE, 3M d-Au events , ver1.0

Version 1 of relative gains for BSMDE, d-AU 2008.


INPUT: 3M d-AU events from day ~336 of 2007.

Method: fit slopes to ADC =ped+30,ped+100.

The spectra,  fits of pedestal residuum, and slopes were QAed.

Results: slopes were found for 16,577 of 18,000 strips of BSMDE.


Fig1   Good spectrum for strip ID=1. X-axis ADC-ped, CAPs=123,124,124 excluded.

Fig2 TOP:  slopes distribution (Y-axis) vs. stripID within given module ( X-axis). Physical eta=0.0 is at X=0, eta=1.0 is at X=150.

BOTTOM: status tables with marked eta-phi location excluded 1423 strips of BSMDE by multi-stage QA of the spectra. Different colors denote various failed tests.


Fig3 Mapping of known BSMDE topology on chosen by us eta-phi 2D localization. Official stripID is shown in color.