details about known hardware problems

Attached file  'SMD_07.xls'  contain  my notes from run 7, the only things that might be useful for
 you is in the red color, permanently disconnected anode wires and affected
 strips (again this is not SoftIds). I think that I cut out one more wire
before Run8 started, but for that I need to check logbook.



BSMD Wire Support Effects on GAIN

Here is a note from Oleg Tsai (and attached file "wiresup.pdf" below) concerning source
measurements of the BSMD gain behavior near the nylon wire supports:

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008, wrote:

>    Attached plot will help you to understand what you see close to
>  strips 58 and 105. There are two nylon wire supports in the chamber
>  at distances 34.882" and 69.213" from the (eta=0 end of the chamber,
>  not from the real eta 0). Gain drops near these supports. You can
>  see this in your plots also. The attached plot shows counting rate vs
>  strip id for a typical chamber. Don't pay attention to channels
>  near 0 and 150 - these effects are due to particular way co60 source
>  was collimated (counting profile was close to 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.2/0.1)
>  0.4 in central strip. From that I estimated that eta strips
>  56-60 and 104-107 should have calib. coefficients
>  (.95,.813,.875,.971,.984) (.99,.89,.84,.970.), I don't remember
>  if I was using counting rate vs HV to derive these numbers...
>  (this is my third and final attempt :-))