1) BSMD-E clusters, sliding max, fixed width

 Goal: study SMDE energy resolution and cluster shape for single particles M-C

Input: single particle per event, fixed ET=6 GeV, flat eta [-0.1,1.1], flat  |phi| <5 deg, 500 eve per sample, Geant geometry y2006

Cluster finder algo (sliding fixed window), tuned on electron events

  • work with 150 Eta-strips per module
  • sum geant dE in fixed window of 4 strips
  • maximize the sum, compute energy weighted  cluster position and RMS inside the window
  • algo quits after first cluster found in given module 

Example of BSMDE response for electon:

McEve BSMD-E dump, dE is Geant energy sum from given strip, in GeV

  dE=1.61e-06  m=104 e=12 s=1 stripID=15462  

  dE=2.87e-05  m=104 e=13 s=1 stripID=15463

  dE=8.35e-06  m=104 e=14 s=1 stripID=15464

  dE=1.4e-06  m=104 e=15 s=1 stripID=15465

 ALL plots below have energy in keV , not MeV - I'll not change plots.


Fig 1. gamma - later, job crashed.

Fig 2. electron


Fig 3. pi0


Fig 4. eta


Fig 5. pi minus


Fig 6. mu minus