Mapping, strip to tower distance

For every strip we find the closest tower and determine the distance between tower center and strip center.

Both plots show strip ID on the X-axis, and tower ID on the Y-axis. Error in Y is distance between centers in CM.

It is not true 15 eta strips covers every 2 towers! It is only approximate since strip pitch is constant bimodal and tower width changes continuously.

There is still small problem, namely strip Z is calculated at R_smd and tower Z is calculated at the entrance of the tower

leading to clear paralax error - we are working on this. 

Fig 1.

Top plots is for SMDE for module 1. Note E-strip always spans 2 towers and we used tower IDs in one module.

Bottom plots shows phi strips for module 1. 



Fig 2.

Top plots is for SMDE for modules 1-4. 

Bottom plots shows phi strips for modules 1-4.