20 BSMD saturation

 The isolated BSMD cluster algo allows to select different range of tower energy cluster as shown in Fig.1

Fig 1. Tower energy spectrum, marked range [1.2,1.8] GeV.

In the analysis 5 energy tower slices were selected: MIP, 1.5 GeV, and around BHT0,1,2 thresholds.

Plots below show example of calibrated BSMD (eta+phi) cluster energy vs. tower cluster energy. (I added point at zero with error as for next point to constrain the fit) 

Fig 2. BSMD vs. tower energy for eta of 0.15, 0.55, and 0.85.

I'm concern we are beyond the middle of BSMD dynamic range for ~6 GeV (energy) gammas at eta 0.5. Also one may argue we se already saturation.

If we want BSMD to work up to 40 GeV ET we need to think a lot how to accomplish that.

Below is dump of one event contributing to the last dot on the middle plot. It always help me to think if I see real raw event.

  i=526, smdE-id=6085 rawADC=87.0 ped=71.4  adc=15.6 ene/keV=0.9
  i=527, smdE-id=6086 rawADC=427.0 ped=65.0  adc=362.0 ene/keV=20.0
  i=528, smdE-id=6087 rawADC=814.0 ped=71.8 adc=742.2 ene/keV=41.0
  i=529, smdE-id=6088 rawADC=92.0 ped=66.4  adc=25.6 ene/keV=1.4

  i=422, smdP-id=6086 rawADC=204.0 ped=99.3  adc=104.7 ene/keV=7.8
  i=423, smdP-id=6096 rawADC=375.0 ped=98.5  adc=276.5 ene/keV=20.3
  i=424, smdP-id=6106 rawADC=692.0 ped=100.1  adc=591.9 ene/keV=47.3

2D cluster
bsmdE CL  meanId=6086 rms=0.80 ene/keV=66.80 inTw 1632.or.1612 
bsmdP CL  meanId=6106 rms=0.68 ene/keV=75.45 inTw 1631.or.1632 

  id=1631 rawADC=43.0 ene=0.2 ped=30.0,  adc=13.0
  id=1632 rawADC=401.0 ene=6.9 ped=32.4  adc=368.6
  id=1633 rawADC=43.0 ene=0.1 ped=35.5   adc=7.5

tow3x3 sum=405.7 ADC