05 ---- peds(softID,capID) & status table, ver=2.2, R9067013

INPUT: st_hysics events from run=9067013

Fig 1. Top: pedestal(softID & capID), middle: sigma of pedestal, bottom: status table, Y-axis counts how many capID had bad spectra.

Based on pedestal spectra there are 134 bad BPRS tiles


Fig 2. Distribution of pedestals for 4 selected softIDs, one per crate.


Fig 3. Zoom-in of ped(soft,cap) spectrum to see there is more pairs of 2 capID which have high/low pedestal vs. average, similar to the known pair (124/125).
Looks like such piar like to repeat every 21 capIDs - is there a deeper meaning it?
(I mean will the World end in 21*pi days?)

Fig 4. Example of MIP spectra (bottom). MIP peak is very close to pedestal, there are worse cases than the one below.