13 MIP algo, ver=1.1 (example of towers)

This is an illustration of improvement of MIP finding efficiency if ADC gates are set on BPRS & BTOW at the places matched to actual gains instead of  fixed 'ideal' location.

Fig 1 is from previous iteration (item 11) with fixed location  MIP gates. Note low MIP yield in BPRS (red histo) due to mismatched BTOW ADC gate (blue bar below green histo).


Fig 2 New iteration with adjusted MIP gates. (marked by blue dashed lines).

MIP ADC gate is defined (based on iteration 1) by mean value of the gauss fit +/- 1 sigma of the gauss width, but not lower than ADC=3.5 and not higher than 2* mean ADC

Note similar MIP yield in BPRS  & BTOW. Also new MIP peak position from Gauss fit did not changed, meaning algo is robust. The 'ideal' MIP ADC range for BTOW is marked by magenta bar (bottom right) - is visibly too low.


Attached PDF shows similar plots for 16 towers. Have a look at page 7 & 14