l2-gamma EEMC monitoring

Instructions on how to produce eemc-l2-gamma monitoring plots by hands

  • Get l2 software
    Currently copied from ~rcorliss/l2/official-2009a

  • Compile
    # cd onlineL2
    # make lib
    # make

  • Run
    # m 5000

  • Convert "bin" file format to root file:
    # ./binH2rootH-exe out/run9.l2eemcGamma.hist.bin out/run9.l2eemcGamma.hist.root

  • Create ps file with plots from root file with plotl2eemcGamma.C macro:
    # root -b -q 'plotl2eemcGamma.C("out/run9.l2eemcGamma.hist.root","run9.l2eemcGamma.ps")'
    # ps2pdf run9.l2eemcGamma.ps run9.l2eemcGamma.pdf

  • Sample pdf plots:


run9 l2 rates monitoring