01 BPRS live channels on day 82, pp 500 data

Status of BPRS live channels on March 23, 2009, pp 500 data.

Input: 32K events accepted by L2W algo, from 31 runs taken on day 81 & 82.

Top fig shows high energy region for 4800 BPRS tiles

Middle fig shows pedestal region, note we have ZS & ped subtracted data in daq - plots is consistent. White area are not functioning tiles.

Bottom fig: projection of all tiles. Bad channels included. Peak at ADC~190 is from corrupted channels softID~3720. Peak at the end comes most likely form saturation of BPRS if large energy is deposited. It is OK - BPRS main use is as a MIP counter.

Attached PDF contains more detailed spectra so one can see every tile.