Test tree

Those pages will be used for testing adjustements of privileges. The test users will be

Several kind of pages are created below. Please, test them all.

Starting from this page, this is a public child page but it is unpublished by design (so it does not clutter the S&C pages navigation).

: to add children page, re-enable publish and add a new page then disable again.


Test 1 - A standard page, no ACL, no OG

This is a test with no special settings.

Test 3 - Public page, OG set to something our test user (non lead) does not belong to

This is a public page, OG is set of "Software and Computing" and our test user "jlauret" does not belong to that OG. User 'jeromel' is a user lead and should be tested as well.

Test 5 - OG page, test user does not belong to the OG but ACL set

Same as You do not have access to view this node but this page will belong to an OG. This is to test how ACL and OG interact. Ideally, ACLs should take over the OG setting.

ATTENTION: Since OG and ACL are both complex modules superseding the standard Drupal's normal access privileges, setting both OG and ACL may have some unpredictable effects. For example, this page is seen by Anonymous (as the access is granted via the OG access control) and the lack of ACL for Anonymous is ignored. A standard page with ACL alone (like in You do not have access to view this node) would however be invisible to Anonymous users as he ACL module would be "alone" to take over the standard access permissions.