pp2ppRPpositions (STAR offline database) corrections

Originally, this is mainly to correct for the malfunctioning LVDT readings of the E1D between Mar. 18 and Apr. 6, 2015.   I have come across 7 blocks/sub-periods where the E1D LVDT readings need to be corrected.  Since the steps are the same 505004 (with one exception below), I have used an average of the LVDT readings closest to the period of malfunctioning (usually the good ones before but if the last good readings was too long before, I have taken the averages of those good ones shortly after the period in question).   These are in the files ToCorrect1.txt, ToCorrect2.txt, .... ToCorrect7.txt.  The average position of each of this period that I have used is listed at the end of the file. [  ToCorrect1.txt has one entry which I have "bracketed" as it has to be corrected with the positions of ~-32 cm, instead of ~-25 cm, and this is explained in the 1st below. ]

In all cases, in the table of "Calibrations/pp2ppRPpositions", I have just inserted a set of 8 entries 1 second later in the "beginTime" than the original "beginTime" (the latter of which appears in all the .txt files listed here) as Dmitry Arkhipkin has instructed, even though there might be only one entry (E1D) that was changed.

However, I have come across the following and so I have also corrected them:
  1. For the run 16077055, it's ~32 cm or 449748 and so I have used the average of the last good LVDT readings corresponding to the same no. of steps (449748).  The file is "ToCorrect1.exception_32cm.txt".
  2. On Apr. 7, there was a period that the LVDT's of E1D and E2D were swapped by mistake.  I've corrected this as well.  The file for this is "E2D.txt".  I have needed to correct both E1D and E2D; and at the end of the file, the 1st position is for E1D and the 2nd one is for E2D.

  3. Accidentally, I've also come across a period (~6 pm on Apr. 3 to 10 am on Apr. 4) which had wrong entries because the online database was not updated (due to inaccessibility of CDEV/STAR portal server).   Dmitry Arkhipkin has scanned the entire online database and found 5 periods which has such gap of a period > 5 minutes, including the above-mentioned one.  I've checked that we only need to correct for 2, 4 runs in the above period (Apr. 4) and 6 runs on May 8 --- which was in the heavy-ion period where only the West side roman pots were actually inserted.  For the other 3, they are either not in the pp2pp (roman-pot) data-taking period or the positions (the steps) remained the same before and after the gap (so that the offline database just used the previous LVDT positions available in the online database).  The file for this is  "NotUpdated.Apr4_.txt" and "NotUpdated.May8_.txt" respectively for Apr. 4 and May 8.