Embedding Production Setup

This page describes how to set up embedding production. This procedure needs to be followed for any set of daq files/production version that requires embedding. Since this typically involves hacking the reconstruction chain, it is not advised that the typical STAR PA attempt this step. Please coordinate with a local embedding coordinator, and the overal Embedding coordinator (Olga).
Note: The documentation here is very terse; it will be enriched as the documentation as a whole is iterated on. Patience is appreciated.

Get daq files from RCF.

Grab a set of daq files from RCF which cover the lifetime of the run, the luminosity range experienced, and the conditions for the production.

Rerun standard production but without corrections.

bfc.C macros are located under ~starofl/bfc. Edit the submit.[Production] script to point to the daq files loaded (as above).

Put tags files on disk.

The results of the previous jobs will be .tags.root files located on HPSS. Retrieve the files, set a pointer for the tags files in the Production-specific directory under ~starofl/embedding.

Now you're ready to start production.