Quick (?) start guide for visitors with laptops

So you brought a laptop to BNL… and the first thing you want to do is get online, right?
Ok, here's a quick (?) guide to getting what you want without breaking too many rules.

Wired Options:

  • Visitors' network: Dark purple jacks (usually labeled VNxx) are on a visitors' network and are effectively outside of the BNL firewall. They support DHCP and do not require any sort of registration to use. Being outside the firewall can be advantageous, but will prevent you from
    using some network services within BNL (printing, for instance). (The rest of this page is largely irrelevant if you are using the visitors' network.)

  • BNL network: If it isn't dark purple (and it isn't a phone jack) then it is on the BNL network, which supports DHCP on most subnets. (NB. The 60/61 subnet (available in parts of 1006, including the WAH) has a locally managed DHCP server -- contact Wayne Betts to be added to the access list). All devices on the BNL networks are required to be registered based on the MAC address that is unique to each network interface. To help enforce this policy, if you request a DHCP
    address from an unregistered node, you will be assigned a restricted address. With a restricted IP address, your web browser will be automatically redirected to the BNL registration page, and you will be unable to surf anywhere else until you are registered.

    When registering a laptop, fill in "varies" for the location fields. For the computer name field, I recommend using "DHCP Client" (unless you have a static IP address of course).

    Previously registered users are encouraged to verify and update their registration information by going to http://register.bnl.gov from the machine to be updated.

    There you can also find out more about the registration system and find links to some useful information for network users.