Miscellaneous production scripts

This page has been created with the purpose to systematize the various scripts currently used in the Monte Carlo production and testing. The contents will be updated as needed, however the codes are presumed to be correct and working at any given time.

Jobs catalog

When running on rcas, we typically use a legacy csh script named "alljobs". It parses the job configuration file named "catalog" and dispatches a single job on the target node, which can be an interactive node if run interactively, or a batch node if submitted to a queue. The alljobs script expects to see the following directory structure: a writeable directory with the name of the dataset being produced, and directly under it, a writeable "log" directory, in which it would deposit the so-called token files, which serve two purposes:

  • help in sequential numbering of the output files
  • in case of multiple input files (such as Hijing event files) allow to map N files to M jobs, thus managing the workload

The catalog file is effectively a table, in white-space separated format. Each line begins with the dataset name which is a three-letter acronym of the site name (and thus either rcf or pds) followed by a 4-digit serial number of the set. The alljobs script expects to find a directory named identically to the dataset, under the "job directory", which in the current version of the script is hardcoded as /star/simu/simu/gstardata. This, of course, can be improved or changed.

The last field in each entry is used to construct the so-called tag, which plays an important role: it effectively defined the location of the Monte Carlo data in the HPSS, when the data is sunk there (this is done by a separate script). In addition, it also defines keys for the entries in the FileCatalog (reconstructed data). The alljobs script creates a file of zero length, with a name which is a period-separated catenation of the word "tag" and the contents of the last column in the line.

Here are the contents of the catalog file as it existed from the late 1990-s to the end of 2006

rcf0101 auau200/nexus/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.nexus.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0105 auau200/nexus/default/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.nexus.default.minbias.year_1h.hadronic_on
pds0101 auau200/vni/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.vni.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on
pds0102 auau200/vni/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.vni.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on
pds0103 auau200/vni/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.vni.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on
pds0104 auau200/vni/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.vni.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0096 auau200/vni/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.vni.default.b0_3.year_1h.hadronic_on

pds0105 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_trigger/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.trigger.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0097 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_resonance/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.resonance.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0098 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_trigger/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.trigger.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0095 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_flow/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.flow.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0099 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_fluct/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.fluct.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0102 auau200/mevsim/vanilla/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0103 auau200/mevsim/vanilla/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0104 auau200/mevsim/vanilla_flow/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.vanilla.flow.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0100 auau200/mevsim/cascade/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.cascade.central.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0106 auau200/hbt/default/peripheral evgen.*.nt auau200.hbt.default.peripheral.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0107 auau200/hbt/default/midperipheral evgen.*.nt auau200.hbt.default.midperipheral.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0108 auau200/hbt/default/middle evgen.*.nt auau200.hbt.default.middle.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0109 auau200/hbt/default/midcentral evgen.*.nt auau200.hbt.default.midcentral.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0110 auau200/hbt/default/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hbt.default.central.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0111 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b0_3_jetq_on.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0112 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b0_3_jetq_off.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0113 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b8_15_jetq_on.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0114 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b8_15_jetq_off.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0115 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b0_3_jetq_on.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0116 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b0_3_jetq_off.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0117 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b8_15_jetq_on.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0118 none hijing.*.xdf auau200.hijing.b8_15_jetq_off.jet05.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0119 none hijing.*.xdf pau200_hijing_b0_7_jet15_year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0120 none hijing.*.xdf pau200_hijing_b0_7_gam15_year_1h_hadronic_on

rcf0121 pec/dtunuc dtu*.xdr auau200.dtunuc.two_photon.none.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0122 pec/starlight starlight_vmeson_*.t auau200.starlight.vmeson.none.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0123 pec/starlight starlight_2gamma_*.nt auau200.starlight.2gamma.none.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0124 pec/hemicosm events.txt auau200.hemicosm.default.none.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0125 pec/dtunuc dtu*.xdr auau200.dtunuc.two_photon.halffield.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0126 pec/starlight starlight_vmeson_*.t auau200.starlight.vmeson.halffield.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0127 pec/starlight starlight_2gamma_*.t auau200.starlight.2gamma.halffield.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0131 pec/beamgas venus.h.*.nt auau200.hijing.beamgas.hydrogen.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0132 pec/beamgas venus.n.*.nt auau200.hijing.beamgas.nitrogen.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0139 none hijev.inp auau128.hijing.b0_12.halffield.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0140 none hijev.inp auau128.hijing.b0_3.halffield.year_1e.hadronic_on

rcf0141 auau200/strongcp/broken/eb_400_90 evgen.*.nt auau200.strongcp.broken.eb-400_90.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0142 auau200/strongcp/broken/eb_400_00 evgen.*.nt auau200.strongcp.broken.eb-400_00.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0143 auau200/strongcp/broken/lr_eb_400_90 evgen.*.nt auau200.strongcp.broken.lr_eb_400_90.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0145 none hijev.inp auau130.hijing.b0_3.jet05.year_1h.halffield.hadronic_on
rcf0146 none hijev.inp auau130.hijing.b0_15.default.year_1h.halffield.hadronic_on
rcf0147 none hijev.inp auau130.hijing.b0_3.default.year_1e.halffield.hadronic_on
rcf0148 none hijev.inp auau130.hijing.b3_6.default.year_1e.halffield.hadronic_on

rcf0151 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_flow/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_flow.central.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0152 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_trigger/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_trigger.central.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0153 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_dynamic/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_dynamic.central.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0154 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_omega/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_omega.central.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0155 auau130/mevsim/vanilla/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla.central.year_1e.hadronic_on
rcf0156 auau130/nexus/default/central evgen.*.nt auau130.nexus.default.b0_3.year_1e.hadronic_on

rcf0159 rqmd auau_b0-14.*.cwn auau200.rqmd.default.b0_14.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0160 rqmd auau_b0-15.*.cwn auau200.rqmd.default.b0_15.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0161 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_flow/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_flow.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0162 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_trigger/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_trigger.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0163 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_dynamic/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_dynamic.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0164 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_omega/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_omega.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0165 auau130/mevsim/vanilla/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0166 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_resonance/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_resonance.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
pds0167 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_cocktail/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_cocktail.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0168 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_flow/mbias evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_flow.minbias.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0169 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_flowb/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_flowb.central.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0171 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_lambda_antilambda/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_both_lambda.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0172 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_lambda/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_lambda.central.year_1h.hadronic_on
rcf0173 auau130/mevsim/vanilla_antilambda/central evgen.*.nt auau130.mevsim.vanilla_antilambda.central.year_1h.hadronic_on

rcf0181 auau200/mevsim/mdc4/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.mdc4_cocktail.central.year2001.hadronic_on
pds0182 auau200/mevsim/mdc4/central evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.mdc4_cocktail.central.year2001.hadronic_on

rcf0183 none hijev.inp auau200.hijing.b0_20.standard.year2001.hadronic_on
rcf0184 none hijev.inp auau200.hijing.b0_3.standard.year2001.hadronic_on

rcf0190 auau200/mevsim/mdc4_electrons evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.mdc4_electrons.year2001.hadronic_on

rcf0191 none hijev.inp auau200.hijing.b0_20.inverse.year2001.hadronic_on
rcf0192 none hijev.inp auau200.hijing.b0_3.inverse.year2001.hadronic_on
rcf0193 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.standard.year_2a.hadronic_on

# Maxim has arrived:
# the following two runs had the 1 6 setting for the hard scattering and energy
rcf0194 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.jet06.year2003.hadronic_on
pds0195 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.jet06.year2003.hadronic_on
# this one had 1 3
rcf0196 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.jet03.year2003.hadronic_on
# standard 0 2 setting
rcf0197 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.jet02.year2003.hadronic_on
# new numbering
rcf1197 none hijev.inp dau200.hijing.b0_20.minbias.year2003.hadronic_on
rcf1198 dau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt dau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.year2003.gheisha_on
# dedicated wide Z run
rcf1199 dau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt dau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias_wideZ.year2003.hadronic_on
# Pythia
rcf1200 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.minbias.year2003.hadronic_on
# Heavy flavor embedding with full calorimeter
rcf1201 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2003x.gheisha_on
# Pythia hi Pt>5
rcf1202 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.pt5.year2003.gheisha_on
# Mevsim fitted to 200GeV AuAu
rcf1203 auau200/mevsim/v2/central_6 evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.v2.b0_6.year_1e.gheisha_on
# Mevsim fitted to 200GeV AuAu, different geo
rcf1204 auau200/mevsim/v2/central_6 evgen.*.nt auau200.mevsim.v2.b0_6.year2001.gheisha_on
# Pythia hi Pt>15
rcf1205 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.pt15.year2003.gheisha_on
# Starsim maiden voyage, with y2004, 62.4 GeV
rcf1206 auau62/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau62.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2004.gheisha_on
# 62.4 GeV central
rcf1207 auau62/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau62.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2004a.gheisha_on
pds1207 auau62/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau62.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2004a.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias
rcf1208 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2004a.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV central
rcf1209 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2004a.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1210 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.minbias.y2004a.gheisha_on
# Pythia Spin group
rcf1211 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.minbias.y2004x.gheisha_on
# Pythia Spin group
pds1212 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.pt3.y2004x.gheisha_on
# Pythia Spin group
rcf1213 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.default.pt7.y2004x.gheisha_on
# Pythia Spin group
pds1214 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.pt15.y2004x.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias special D decays
rcf1215 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.speciald.y2004a.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias copper
rcf1216 cucu200/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu200.hijing_382.b0_14.minbias.y2005x.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias copper test
rcf1217 cucu200/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu200.hijing_382.b0_14.minbias.y2004a.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV central reprise of 1209, smaller diamond
rcf1218 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2004a.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 1
rcf1219 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.special1.y2004c.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A)
rcf1220 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.special2.y2004c.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 3
rcf1221 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.special3.y2004c.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 4<Pt<5 Gheisha
rcf1222 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.special2.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 4<Pt<5 GCALOR
rcf1223 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_203.default.special2.y2004y.gcalor_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 5-7 GeV 6/28/05
rcf1224 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.5_7gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 7-9 GeV 6/28/05
rcf1225 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.7_9gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 9-11 GeV 6/28/05
rcf1226 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.9_11gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 11-15 GeV 6/28/05
rcf1227 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.11_15gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 15-25 GeV 6/29/05
rcf1228 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.15_25gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 25-35 GeV 6/29/05
rcf1229 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.25_35gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) > 35 GeV 6/29/05
rcf1230 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.above_35gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 2-3 GeV 6/29/05
rcf1231 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.2_3gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 3-4 GeV 6/30/05
rcf1232 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.3_4gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 4-5 GeV 6/30/05
rcf1233 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.4_5gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 6/30/05
rcf1234 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.low_energy.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia min bias 9/06/05
rcf1235 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.min_bias.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 5-7 GeV 9/07/05
rcf1236 pp200/herwig6507/pt_5_7 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.5_7gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# 62.4 GeV minbias copper
rcf1237 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.minbias.y2005c.gheisha_on
# 100 pi0 per event SVT in
rcf1238 none run1238.kumac pi0.100per_event.200mev_15gev.svtt_on.y2005x.gheisha_on
# 100 pi0 per event SVT out
rcf1239 none run1239.kumac pi0.100per_event.200mev_15gev.svtt_off.y2005x.gheisha_on
# 10 J/psi per event SVT in
rcf1240 none run1240.kumac jpsi.10per_event.500mev_3gev.svtt_on.y2005x.gheisha_on
# 10 J/psi per event SVT out
rcf1241 none run1241.kumac jpsi.10per_event.500mev_3gev.svtt_off.y2005x.gheisha_on
# 62.4 GeV minbias copper low EM cut
rcf1242 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.low_em.y2005c.gheisha_on
# 62.4 GeV minbias copper low EM and keep tracks
rcf1243 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.low_em_keep.y2005c.gheisha_on
# Herwig 9-11 GeV 10/13/05
rcf1244 pp200/herwig6507/pt_9_11 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.9_11gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 11-15 GeV 10/13/05
rcf1245 pp200/herwig6507/pt_11_15 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.11_15gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 15-25 GeV 10/13/05
rcf1246 pp200/herwig6507/pt_15_25 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.15_25gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 25-35 GeV 10/13/05
rcf1247 pp200/herwig6507/pt_25_35 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.25_35gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 35-45 GeV 10/13/05
rcf1248 pp200/herwig6507/pt_35_45 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.35_45gev.special1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias
rcf1249 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2005d.gheisha_on
# New Herwig Wave
# Herwig 9-11 GeV new header 12/14/05
rcf1250 pp200/herwig6507/pt_9_11 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.9_11gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 11-15 GeV new header 11/10/05
rcf1251 pp200/herwig6507/pt_11_15 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.11_15gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 15-25 GeV new header 12/19/05
rcf1252 pp200/herwig6507/pt_15_25 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.15_25gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 25-35 GeV new header 12/19/05
rcf1253 pp200/herwig6507/pt_25_35 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.25_35gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 35-100 GeV new header 12/19/05
rcf1254 pp200/herwig6507/pt_35_100 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.35_100gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 2-3 GeV new header 12/14/05
rcf1255 pp200/herwig6507/pt_2_3 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.2_3gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 3-4 GeV new header 12/14/05
rcf1256 pp200/herwig6507/pt_3_4 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.3_4gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 4-5 GeV new header 12/21/05
rcf1257 pp200/herwig6507/pt_4_5 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.4_5gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 5-7 GeV new header 12/21/05
rcf1258 pp200/herwig6507/pt_5_7 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.5_7gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Herwig 7-9 GeV new header 12/21/05
rcf1259 pp200/herwig6507/pt_7_9 evgen.*.nt pp200.herwig6507.7_9gev.special3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Heavy flavor embedding with full calorimeter
rcf1260 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2004y.gheisha_on
# 200 GeV minbias copper
rcf1261 cucu200/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu200.hijing_382.b0_14.minbias.y2006.gheisha_on
# 62.4 GeV minbias copper
rcf1262 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.minbias.y2006.gheisha_on

# Specialized tracking studies
# 62.4 GeV minbias copper low EM and keep tracks
rcf1263 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.low_em_keep.y2005d.gheisha_on
# Same as prev, distortion
rcf1264 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.distort.y2005d.gheisha_on
# Same as prev, distortion with clams
rcf1265 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.clamdist.y2005d.gheisha_on
# Same as prev, clams and two ladders offset
rcf1266 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.clamlad.y2005d.gheisha_on
# Individual ladder offsets
rcf1267 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.indilad.dev2005.gheisha_on
# Global ladder tilts
rcf1268 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.ladtilt.dev2005.gheisha_on
# Individual ladder tilts
rcf1269 cucu62/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu62.hijing_382.b0_14.indtilt.dev2005.gheisha_on
# Spin PWG requests:
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 45-55 GeV 5/09/06
rcf1270 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.45_55gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 55-65 GeV 5/10/06
rcf1271 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.55_65gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
rcf1272 cucu200/hijing_382/b0_14/minbias evgen.*.nt cucu200.hijing_382.b0_14.D0minbias.y2006.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 0-2 GeV 7/20/06
rcf1273 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.0_2gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on
# UPGR02 eta+-1.5
rcf1274 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr02.gheisha_on
# Pythia min bias 7/27/06
rcf1275 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.minbias.cdf_a.y2006.gheisha_on
# UPGR05
rcf1276 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr05.gheisha_on
# UPGR05 wide diamond (60,300)
rcf1277 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.wide.upgr05.gheisha_on
# UPGR07 wide diamond (60,300)
rcf1278 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.wide.upgr07.gheisha_on
# UPGR07
rcf1279 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr07.gheisha_on
# UPGR01
rcf1280 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr01.gheisha_on
# UPGR08
rcf1281 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr08.gheisha_on
# UPGR06
rcf1282 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr06.gheisha_on
# UPGR09
rcf1283 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr09.gheisha_on
# UPGR09 central
rcf1284 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr09.gheisha_on
# UPGR10
rcf1285 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr10.gheisha_on
# UPGR10 central
rcf1286 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr10.gheisha_on
# UPGR11
rcf1287 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr11.gheisha_on
# UPGR11 central
rcf1288 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr11.gheisha_on
# UPGR06 central
rcf1289 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr06.gheisha_on
# UPGR07
rcf1290 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr07.gheisha_on

Here is the actual version of the file used in the 2007 runs:

e w en b jq geom
# UPGR07 01/17/2007 ISUB = 11, 12, 13, 28, 53, 68
rcf1291 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.special.diamond10.upgr07.gheisha_on
# UPGR07 01/17/2007 ISUB = 11, 12, 13, 28, 53, 68
rcf1292 none pyth.dat pp500.pythia6_205.special.diamond10.upgr07.gheisha_on
# UPGR07 01/17/2007 ISUB = 11, 12, 13, 28, 53, 68
rcf1293 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.special.diamond30.upgr07.gheisha_on
# UPGR07 01/17/2007 ISUB = 11, 12, 13, 28, 53, 68
rcf1294 none pyth.dat pp500.pythia6_205.special.diamond30.upgr07.gheisha_on
# Min bias gold, pilot run for 2007
rcf1295 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.y2007.gheisha_on
# Central auau200 + B-mixing Central auau200 + Upsilon (S1,S2,S3) mixing
rcf1296 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2007.gheisha_on
# Minbias for TUP (wide vertex)
rcf1297 auau200/hijing_382/b0_20/minbias evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_20.minbias.upgr13.gheisha_on
# Central auau200 + D0-mixing, UPGR13
rcf1298 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.upgr13.gheisha_on
# Min bias Pythia
rcf1299 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.minbias.cdf_a.y2005.gheisha_on
# Pythia, UPGR13
rcf1300 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.charm.cdf_a.upgr13.gheisha_on
# Pythia wide diamond
rcf1301 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.minbias.wide.upgr13.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1302 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.45_55gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1303 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.35_45gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1304 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.55_65gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Placeholder XXXXXXXXXXX
rcf1305 auau200/hijing_382/b0_3/central evgen.*.nt auau200.hijing_382.b0_3.central.y2007.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1306 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.25_35gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1307 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.15_25gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1308 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.11_15gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1309 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.9_11gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1310 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.7_9gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1311 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.5_7gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia CKIN(3)=7, CKIN(4)=9, CKIN(7)=0.0, CKIN(8)=1.0, CKIN(27)=-0.4, CKIN(28)=0.4
rcf1312 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.7_9gev.bin1.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia CKIN(3)=9, CKIN(4)=11, CKIN(7)=-0.4, CKIN(8)=1.4, CKIN(27)=-0.5, CKIN(28)=0.6
rcf1313 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.9_11gev.bin2.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia CKIN(3)=11, CKIN(4)=15, CKIN(7)=-0.2, CKIN(8)=1.2, CKIN(27)=-0.6, CKIN(28)=-0.3
rcf1314 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.11_15gev.bin3.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia CKIN(3)=11, CKIN(4)=15, CKIN(7)=-0.5, CKIN(8)=1.5, CKIN(27)=-0.3, CKIN(28)=0.4
rcf1315 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.11_15gev.bin4.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia CKIN(3)=11, CKIN(4)=15, CKIN(7)=0.0, CKIN(8)=1.0, CKIN(27)=0.4, CKIN(28)=0.7
rcf1316 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.11_15gev.bin5.y2004y.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1317 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.4_5gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1318 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.3_4gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1319 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_410.minbias.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1320 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.4_5gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1321 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.3_4gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1322 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.5_7gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1323 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.7_9gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1324 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.9_11gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia
rcf1325 none pyth.dat pp62.pythia6_410.11_15gev.cdf_a.y2006c.gheisha_on
# Pythia Special 2 (CDF A) 2-3 GeV 6/29/05
pds1231 none pyth.dat pp200.pythia6_205.2_3gev.cdf_a.y2004y.gheisha_on

When submitting jobs on the Grid, most of the functionality in alljobs is redundant. The simplified scripts can be found in the "Grid-Friendly" section of this site.

Merger/filtering script

Typically, a Starsim run will result in an output which is a file, or a series of files with names like gstar.1.fz, gstar.2.fz etc. Regardless of whether we run locally or on the Grid, there is a small chance that the file(s) will be truncated. To guard against the possibility of feeding up incorrect data to the reconstruction stage, and/or performing a split or merger of a few file, a KUMAC script has been developed. It will, among other things, discard incomplete events, and produce serially numbered files with names like rcf1319_01_100evts.fzd, which contains the name of the dataset, the serial number of the file (distinct from the numbering of the input files), and the number of events contained therein, all of which is helpful in setting up or debugging the production. It has recently been simplified (although still not easily readable), and wrapped into a utility shell script, which does preparation work as well as cleanup. The resulting script, named "filter.tcsh", takes a single argument which is assumed to be the name of the dataset (and which is then used in naming the output files).

#! /usr/local/bin/tcsh -f
# remove the old list of files
if( -e process.list ) then
rm process.list
if( -e filter.kumac ) then
rm filter.kumac
ls gstar.*.fz | sed -e 's/[gstar.|.fz]//g' | sort -n > process.list
# clean the trash bin before the next run, re-create
rm -fr trash
mkdir trash
echo `du --block-size=1000K -s | cut -f1` MB in the current directory
echo `df --block-size=1000K . | tail -1 | sed -e 's/\ *[0-9]*\ *[0-9]*\ *//' | sed -e 's/\ .*//g'` MB available on disk
macro filter name
mess Start with filenames [input].*.fz, converting to [name]
ag/version batch
option stat
option date
option nbox
filecase keep
pwd =\$shell('pwd');
nfiles=\$shell('cat process.list | wc -l | sed -e "s/[\ ]*//g"');

message Starting to process [nfiles]
* trace on
ve/cr runs([nfiles]) I
ve/read runs process.list
ve/pri runs

if (\$Len([name]).eq.0) then
message cannot define current directory in [pwd]
out =\$env('OUTDIR')
if ([out].ne.'') then
namz = [out]/[name]/[name]

lenb = 1000
message reading
ve/cr id(3) I
* ve/read id N
message reading complete
nt=[nfiles] | total number of files to process
n1=runs(1) | first input file
n2=runs([nfiles]) | last input file
mm = 0 | number of output files
nn = 0 | number of processed files
cnt = 0 | total number of events in this job
cno = 0 | number of events when output has been opened
nev = 0 | number of events in this output
ii = 0 | input active flag
io = 0 | output active flag
len0= 1200 | minimum output file len
len1= [len0]+200 | average output file len - stop at end-of-file
len2= [len1]+200 | maximum output file len - stop always
ni = [n1] | first input file
no = 0 | skip up to this file
nd = [n1] | file to delete
ntrig = 10
if (\$fexist(nn).gt.0) then
ve/read id nn
na=id(1); message [na] input files already done
no=id(2); message first input files up to gstar.[no]
mm=id(3); message first output files up to [name].[mm]
hist = [name].his
if (\$fexist([hist]).gt.0) then
shell mv [hist] old.his
* call HRGET(0,\$quote([hist]),' ')
ghist [hist]
cdir //pawc
mdir cont
if (\$fexist(old.his).gt.0) then
call HRGET(0,\$quote(old.his),' ')

gfile p gstar.[n1].fz
mode control prin 1 hist 0 | simu 2
gexec ../.lib/control.sl
gexec ../.lib/index.sl

message loaded libs

title=merging runs [n1]-[n2] in [name]
fort/file 66 [name].ps; meta 66 -111
next; dcut cave x .1 10 10 .03 .03
Set DMOD 1; Igset TXFP -60; Igset CHHE .35
ITX 5 19.5 \$quote([title])
ITX .5 .1 \$quote([pwd])
* do ni = [ni],[n2]
ag/version interactive
do iev=1,1000000000000
* new input file ?
if ([ii].eq.0) then
do nfoo=[frst],[nfiles]
ni = runs([nfoo])

file = [input].[ni].fz
filz = [input].[ni].fz.gz
hist = [input].[ni].his
message processing index [nfoo] out of [nfiles]
ve/print runs([nfoo])
if (\$fexist([file]).gt.0) then
message loop with [file]
gfile p [file]
if (\$iquest(1).eq.0) then
ii = 1
nn = [nn]+1
if (\$fexist([hist]).gt.0) then
if (\$hexist(-1).eq.0) then
call HRGET(0,\$quote([hist]),' ')
call HRGET(0,\$quote([hist]),'A')
call indmes(\$quote([file]))
goto nextf
* iquest:
* fexist:
goto nexto

* new output file ?
if ([io].eq.0) then
mm = [mm]+1
if ([mm].lt.10) then
io = 1
cno = [cnt]
gfile o [output].fzt
iname = [name]_[mm].fzt
call indmes(\$quote([iname]))

* processing next event
call rzcdir('//SLUGRZ',' ')
trig [ntrig]
evt = \$iquest(99)

if (\$iquest(1).ne.0) then
ni = [ni]+1
ii = 0
if ([ii].eq.0) goto nexto
* get output file length in MB:
cmd = ls -s [output].fzt
len = \$word(\$shell([cmd]))
len = [len]/[lenb]
* mess wrquest len=[len] ii=[ii] evt=[evt]
if ([len].lt.[len0]) goto nextev
if ([len].lt.[len1] .and. [ii].gt.0) goto nextev
if ([len].lt.[len2] .and. [ii].gt.0 .and. [evt].eq.0) goto nextev
* output file done
cnt = \$iquest(100)
if ([cnt]<0) then
cnt = 0
nev = [cnt]-[cno]
io = 0
if ([nev].gt.0) then
if ([nev].lt.199999) then
* terminate last event, clear memory
call guout
call gtrigc
gfile o
* rename temp file into the final one:
cmv = mv [output].fzt [output]_[nev]evts.fzd
i = \$shell([cmv])
message files inp = [ni] out = [mm] cnt = [cnt] done
if ([ii].eq.0) then
nj = [ni] - 1 | this file was finished, ni is NEXT to read
mj = [mm] + 1 | this is next to start write after the BP
message writing breakpoint [nn] [ni] [mj]
ve/inp id [nn] [ni] [mj]
ve/write id nn i6
ntrig = 10
* moving files to TRASH
while ([nd].lt.[ni]) do
filed = [input].[nd].fz
alrun = *.[nd].*
if (\$fexist([filed]).gt.0) then
shell mv [alrun] trash/
nd = [nd] + 1
ntrig = [ntrig] + 1
if ([ni].gt.[n2]) goto alldone

* control histogram
if ([nn].eq.[nt]) then
shell touch filter.done
cdir //pawc
tit = files [n1] - [n2] in set [name]
title_global \$quote([tit])
next; size 20.5 26; zone 2 4;
hi/pl 11; hi/pl 12; hi/pl 13; hi/pl 14
if (\$hexist(1).gt.1) then
n/pl 1.ntrack; n/pl 1.Nvertx; n/pl 1.NtpcHit; n/pl 1.Ntr10
swn 111 0 20 0 20; selnt 111
ITX 2.0 0.1 \$quote([pwd])
close 66; meta 0
echo ------------------------------------------------------------------
echo Activating starsim for dataset $1
$STAR_BIN/starsim -w 1 -g 40 -b ./filter.kumac $1
# cleanup
rm ZEBRA.O process.list nn index paw.metafile *.his *.ps filter.done filter.kumac