STAR SOFTWARE NEWS December 05, 2019
The present release assignment:  
             SL09g_embed (SL09g_2Embed_v10) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10c_embed (SL10c_embed_v5)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10h_embed (SL10h_embed_v6)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10k_embed (SL10k_embed_v11) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11d_embed (SL11d_embed_v6)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12a_embed  (SL12a_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12d_embed (SL12d_embed_v6) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL13b_embed (SL13b_embed_v1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 
             SL14g    (SL14g_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 pp 500GeV run 2013 production, days 129-161
             SL14i    (SL14i_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 AuAu 14.6GeV run 2014 production            
             SL15c    (SL15c)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 AuAu 200GeV run 2014 data production with HFT  
             SL15e_embed  (SL15e_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 
             SL15l    (SL15l)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pAu 200GeV st_fms run 2015 data production
             SL16d    (SL16d_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp,pAu,pAl run 2015 production without HFT tracking 
             SL16d_embed  (SL16d_embed_v2) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL16g_embed  (SL16g_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30     
             SL16j (SL16j)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 auau 200GeV  run 2016 production
             SL16j_embed  (SL16j_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL16k_embed  (SL16k_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL17d (SL17d)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 dAu 20-200GeV run 2016 production
             SL17d_embed  (SL17d_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
             SL17f (SL17f_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 auau 200GeV run 2016 st_upc production;
                                                    pp 200GeV run 2015 st_rp reproduction;
             SL17g (SL17g_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_W production;
             SL17i (SL17i)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3 cucu 200-22 GeV run 2005 reproduction;
             SL18b (SL18b)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_physics production;
             SL18c (SL18c_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_fms, st_mtd production;
                                                       AuAu 54GeV run 2017 production;
             SL18c_embed (SL18c_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
             SL18f (SL18f_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_epd production;
                                                    AuHe3 200GeV run 2014 st_physics data production;
             SL18h (SL18h)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 500GeV run 2017 st_rp stream data reproduction;
                                                    AuAu 200GeV run 2014 data reproduction with selected trigger ID;
                                                    pp 200GeV run 2015 st_rp stream data reproduction;
                                                    pAu/pAl 200GeV run 2015 st_ssdmb stream data reporuduction; 
             SL19a (SL19a)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
       old-> SL19b (SL19b_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 AuAu 27GeV run 2018 production     
       pro-> SL19c (SL19c)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 cuAu 200GeV run 2012 data reproduction
             SL19d (SL19d)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3
       new-> SL19e (SL19e)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3
       dev-> DEV                 ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3
      .dev-> .DEV                ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.38


Release History ..

SL19a library
SL19b library
SL19c library
SL19d library
SL19e library

  • December 05, 2019
pass the argument runViewer.C(\"$args\")"
fixing MAC address, change sector 19 -> 21
Added comment, //LOG("JEFF", "filling tpx qs")
Added comment //LOG("JEFF", "histo %s: entries %d", myname, curr->histo->GetEntries());
basedir varible has been change from (char *)"/RTScache/conf/jevp_test to (char *)"/RTScache/conf/jevp
Add some variables in the constructor, added new connected and updateServerTags() method,
From getTabDisplayNode method into getTabDisplayBranchOrLeaf, getTabDisplayBranch, getTabDisplayLeaf methods 

Added EthClient *gshifteth, changed input parameters for buildTabs method, JevpViewer, ExitViewer, update, getPlotAtIdx methods have been updated
Passing argument to entryPoint(args) and runViewer(char *args)

Changes from Akio to support FMS db tag (passed to StFmsDbMake)

new dEdxModel for dN/dx, calibration for Run XVIII fixed Target (will not be considerred)
One more adjstement to make it compatible with proposed ranges, y2020a fast offline geometry
new dEdxModel for dN/dx, calibration for Run XVIII fixed Target (will not be considerred)
Changes from Irakli supporting timeBinWidth as argument
adding Attr for FmsGainCorrB table flavors
added timebucket and drift velocity into epd-based T0 correction calculation
Cleanup and expose the geometry tag to the arguement list.


Use dN/dx for Run >= 19, new dEdxModel for dN/dx, calibration for Run XVIII fixed Target (will not be considerred)

Avoid Minuit complaint when asking about a fixed parameter
added parameters to select specific fset for checking; added a new daq truncation
updated for bnl_condor_embed policy
updated for bnl_condor_embed policy


added timebucket and drift velocity into epd-based T0 correction calculation
new dEdxModel for dN/dx, calibration for Run XVIII fixed Target (will not be considerred)
FMS attenutation in 2015 and 2017 geometries, y2020a fast offline geometry
Remove "C" calorimeter option from hits, so that ID truth is available

Mismatch in structure definition between the geometry module and the hit scoring.
changes in write instruction
Max stepsize is not needed (and caused side effect in Si), so removed.

Change all placements from MANY to ONLY... there should be very few real

overlapping volumes which we need to deal with.

Exception is the inner and outer wedge.  These overlap each other, and need

to be flagged as such.

However, GenFit appears to have issues with MANY placement.  So we set the

assembly flag on the volume, enabling AgML to create the volumes as an

assembly instead

Top level sTGC and Si tracker volumes switched to kOnly for genfit
Use MANY only in the presence of the fixed target
Reduce z / increase R of mother volume to minimum size needed to contain daughte

Implement count for volume branchings
y2020 rough cut release / missing forward prototypes

Remove redundant initialization of ZEBRA. Reduce logging level.

remove unnecessary output
Fix for zfatal bug.  Missing volume id in fast simulator because the fpdmgeo4 module was not properly detected / configured in g2t_volume_id      
  • October 12, 2019
    SL19d library has been updated with next codes:
    BigFullChain.h - modified to place epdHit before tpcHitMover for new TPC T0 correction;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - added epd-based T0 correction to account for timing shift when collision is displaced from center;
    St_tpcBXT0CorrC.h, St_tpcBXT0CorrEPDC.h - added files for epd-based T0 correction to account for timing shift when collision is displaced from center;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - added epd-based T0 correction to account for timing shift when collision is displaced from center;
    Calibrations/tpc/ tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190609.130000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190609.150000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190618.100000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190618.220000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190629.030000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190702.140000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190709.040000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.20190709.160000.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.y2016.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.y2017.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.y2018.C, tpcBXT0CorrEPD.y2019.C - created entries (CINT files) for epd-based T0 correction;
    TpcResponseSimulator.20171220.000001.C - added 10% gap correction to lower the outer sector dEdx for Run18 AuAu 27GeV;
    TpcResponseSimulator.20151220.000003.C - added 20% gap correction between inner and outer sector dEdx;
    idl/tpcBXT0Corr.idl - added new idl file to created entries for epd-based T0 correction;
    Updated codes have been retarged with the same tag SL19d and rebuilt;


  • October 5, 2019
    new library SL19d tagged as SL19d has been created and built on SL7.3 platform;
    Library was tested with standard test suite, passed it successfully and released on October 7 .

    Main features:

    - picoDst code updated to fill data for eTOF detector;
    - FmsCollection/Cluster updated to make shower shape scaling for all shapes;
    - EmbeddingQA added option for BTOF pid for primary tracks;
    - StarVMC/Geometry added flag for year 2018 geometry to use the mixed iTPC/TPC configuration;
    - StarVMC/Geometry added forward calorimeter system;
    - implemented initial version of the STGC geometry model;
    - implemented initial version of the forward silicon tracker FST;
    - implemented dev2021 geometry tag with forward upgrade detectors;
    - sim/g2t and St_geant_Maker updated to integrate hits for forward tracking and forward calorimeter;
    - RTS/src/DAQ_FGT/ code added FST;
    - several bugs have been fixed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    rexe/rexeLinkDef.h - removed reference to non-existent class TPaveTree ;
    Simulation/starsim/atlroot/GtHash.cxx - added missing header for TMath::Hash function;


    StBFChain.cxx - modified to print StMemStat results in a way consistent with doPs() in StMaker;
    modified to move 'doPs' function from StMaker to StMemStat;
    Stsstream.h - introduced a C++(11) alternative to global Form() function in ROOT;
    StBTofGeometry.cxx - fixed node paths when using TpcRefSys (affects runs before 2013);
    StMaker.cxx - removed seemingly outdated macro-based branching;
    moved 'doPs' function from StMaker to StMemStat;
    StMagUtilities.cxx - modified to be sure to restore SpaceCharge settings in PredictSpaceCharge();
    StEpdEpFinder.cxx, StEpdEpFinder.h - updated to make shift corrections for for every EventType and the phi-weights at the same time;
    StFmsCollection.cxx, StFmsCollection.h - updated to make FMS shower shape scaling for all shapes;
    StTriggerData2019.cxx - corrected blue filled bunch bit, and cleaning up unused spin bits;
    StTriggerData.cxx, StTriggerData.h ,StTriggerData2019.cxx, StTriggerData2019.h - improved QT board error reports/handling; added EPD access functions;
    StETofHeader.h - added non-c++ include defining uint64_t for rootcint;
    StEmbeddingQA.cxx, StEmbeddingQADraw.cxx, StEmbeddingQATrack.cxx, StEmbeddingQATrack.h, StEmbeddingQAUtilities.cxx - added option for btof pid for primary real tracks;
    StFmsPointMaker.cxx, StFmsPointMaker.h - modified to make shower shape scaling for all shapes;
    StFmsClusterFitter.cxx, StFmsClusterFitter.h, StFmsEventClusterer.cxx, StFmsEventClusterer.h - modified to make shower shape scaling for all shapes;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx, St_geant_Maker.h - updated to integrate HITS for forward tracking and forward calorimeter;
    StMemStat.cxx, StMemStat.h - added string representation to StMemStat; moved 'doPs' function from StMaker to StMemStat;
    added parameter to add custom string to StMemStat output;
    added StMemStat:PaveProcStatus() to save extracted values from /proc/status in a text file;
    added StMemStat::ReadProcStatus() to parse /proc/status;
    StMemStat.cxx - updated to use consistent scale for byte to MB conversion; minor refactoring of StMemStat::AsString();
    TIdTruUtil.cxx - updated to handle 0 idTruth ;
    genDst.C, producePicoDst.xml - added FMS information to genDst.C; activate the most important branches via SetStatus("BranchName*",1) method by default in genDst.C ;
    StPicoDstMaker.cxx, StPicoDstMaker.h - updated for picoDst filling for eTOF detector;
    StPicoBEmcPidTraits.h - added missing header defining std::numeric_limits;
    StPicoArrays.cxx, StPicoArrays.h, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.h, StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.h, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.h, StPicoBTofHit.cxx, StPicoBTofHit.h, StPicoBTofPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBTofPidTraits.h, StPicoBTowHit.cxx, StPicoBTowHit.h, StPicoBbcHit.cxx, StPicoBbcHit.h, StPicoDst.cxx, StPicoDst.h, StPicoDstLinkDef.h, StPicoDstReader.cxx, StPicoDstReader.h, StPicoEmcTrigger.cxx, StPicoEmcTrigger.h, StPicoEpdHit.cxx, StPicoEpdHit.h, StPicoEvent.cxx, StPicoEvent.h, StPicoFmsHit.cxx, StPicoFmsHit.h, StPicoHelix.cxx, StPicoMtdHit.cxx, StPicoMtdHit.h, StPicoMtdPidTraits.cxx, StPicoMtdPidTraits.h, StPicoMtdTrigger.cxx, StPicoMtdTrigger.h, StPicoTrack.cxx, StPicoTrack.h, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.cxx, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.h - modified to adjust for impementation of picoDst filling for eTOF detector;
    modified to move inline function definitions to the class body; updated the Print() methods in order to avoid warnings;
    StPicoETofHit.cxx StPicoETofHit.h StPicoETofPidTraits.cxx StPicoETofPidTraits.h picodst_env.sh - added new files to fill picoDst for eTOF detector;
    StPicoBTofHit.cxx, StPicoBTofHit.h, StPicoMtdTrigger.h - added missing setId(Int_t, Int_t, Int_t) definition in StPicoBTofHit; added missing shouldHaveRejectEvent() definition in StPicoMtdTrigger ;
    StPicoArrays.cxx - fixed bug of the branch short name: BEmcPidTraits -> EmcPidTraits;
    StPicoBEmcPidTraits.h, StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.h, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.h - included missing header from std C++ numeric limits;

    include/rc.h - added new state;
    rtsSystems.h - added FST; added new STGC TCD;
    include/SUNRT/ipcQLib.hh - added send/receive;
    EventTracker/FtfBaseTrack.cxx - updated;
    src/rtsplusplus.def - updated;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/daqFileChopper.C, daqFileHacker.C, rts_example.C - updated;
    rts_example.C - added FST;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx, fgtPed.cxx - added FST;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx, daqReader.h - updated;
    src/DAQ_ITPC/daq_itpc.cxx, itpcFCF.cxx, itpcFCF.h, itpcInterpreter.cxx - updated for run 2019;
    src/DAQ_FCS/daq_fcs.cxx fcs_data_c.cxx fcs_data_c.h - updated for run 2019;

    sim/idl/g2t_track.idl - modified to integrate HITS for forward tracking and forward calorimeter;
    g2t_hca_hit.idl - added new file for forward calorimeter;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - updated to rely on changes to the geometry which flag the mixed iTPC/TPC mode;
    g2t_fts.F, g2t_fts.idl, g2t_hca.F, g2t_hca.idl, g2t_volume_id.g - modified to integrate HITS for forward tracking and forward calorimeter;
    g2t_stg.F, g2t_stg.idl, g2t_wca.F, g2t_wca.idl - added new files for forward detectors;

    Geometry/StarGeo.xml - added flag for 2018 geometry to use the mixed iTPC/TPC configuration;
    updated to define dev2021 geometry tag with forward upgrade detectors;
    Geometry/TpceGeo/TpceConfig.xml, TpceGeo3a.xml - added configuration flag to denote the mixed iTPC/TPC configuration for 2018;
    Geometry/HcalGeo/HcalGeo0a.xml, HcalGeo0b.xml, HcalGeo0.xml - added new files to depricate HCAL in preparation for FCS integration;
    Geometry/HcalGeo/HcalConfig.xml - updated to point to new module files for HCAL detector;
    Geometry/FcsmGeo/FcsmConfig.xml, HcalGeo1.xml, PlatGeo1.xml, PresGeo1.xml, WcalGeo1.xml - added new files for forward calorimeter system, comprising "West" EM calorimter, Hadronic Calorimeter, platform and preshower detectors;
    Geometry/StgmGeo/StgmConfig.xml, StgmGeo1.xml - implemented initial version of the sTGC geometry model;
    Geometry/FstmGeo/FstmConfig.xml, FstmGeo.xml - implemented initial version of the forward silicon tracker;
    xgeometry/xgeometry.age - reduced physics set for 32 v 64 bit nightly tests;
    modified to allow for detailed control over geant physics flags;
    implemented new dev2012 geometry tag;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/tpcBuilder.cxx - fixed error in sector numbering for clusters;
    tofBuilder.cxx - modified to change the TOF Trigger Window back to the begining of run19 for 31.2 and 100 GeV test run;

  • June 19, 2019
    new library SL19c tagged as SL19c has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 platform;
    Library was tested with standard test suite, passed it successfully and released on June 21 .

    Main features:

    - updated StETofMatchMaker & StETofCalibMaker codes;
    - fixed bug (#3390) related to TPC dE/dx of Run 19 data;
    - fixed bug in MuDst with FMS collection in run 2016 data;
    - StEpdUtil added sum-of-weights information, for both wheels and rings;
    - OnlTools updated for eTOF online histograns for run 2019;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StHistUtil.cxx - added sDCA vs. time-in-run;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to fix bug #3390 and adjusted to add St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF.h;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_TpcResponseSimulatorC.h - modified to add extra correction for the 1st pad row; increased range for gain correcton;
    St_TpcDriftVelRowCorC.h - added new file to add extra correction for the 1st pad row;
    StPidStatus.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - modified to fix bug #3390 and adjusted to addition of St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF;
    StEpdEpFinder.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.h - added sum-of-weights information, for both wheels and rings, for both raw and phi-weighted;
    StEpdEpFinder.cxx - fixed indexing bug which caused an error in the new SumOfWeights quantity;
    StEpdEpInfo.cxx - fixed bug in bounds-checking for sum-of-weights return methods in StEpdEpInfo.cxx;
    StETofCalibMaker.h - added function to set the reference pulser;
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx - changed default value for reference pulser;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx - modified to match distances as member variables and updated handling for many-tracks-to-one-hit matches;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx, StETofMatchMaker.h - updated start time for simulation and more histograms added to doQA mode;
    StETofMatchMaker.h - changed match distances to become member variables;
    StETofGeometry.h - added support for StPicoHelix;
    COMMON/StMuFmsUtil.cxx - modified to solve the issue with FMS data writing in picoDst format;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - modified to fix TrackDirection, added extra correction for the 1st pad row; fixed bug #3390; added St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - made changes for the trigger simulator to only use 2013 algorithms for that year, not for later years, later years still use 2009 algorithms;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - made changes for the trigger simulator to only use 2013 algorithms for that year, not for later years, later years still use 2009 algorithms;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx, StQAMakerBase.h - added sDCA vs. time-in-run ;

    include/HLT/HLTFormats.h - added earliest TACs for BBC/VPD/EPD to trigger data; added bunch id to event;
    EventTracker/FtfSl3.cxx, gl3Event.cxx, FtfSl3.h, eventTrackerLib.cxx, gl3Event.cxx, gl3Event.h, gl3Hit.h - updated;
    FtfSl3.cxx, FtfSl3.h, gl3Event.cxx, gl3Event.h, gl3Hit.cxx, gl3Hit.h, gl3Track.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.h - added iTPC;
    src/DAQ_FCS/daq_fcs.cxx, fcs_data_c.cxx, fcs_data_c.h - added some features; updated to fix the bugs;
    src/DAQ_STGC/stgcPed.cxx - updated;

    Geometry/SisdGeo/SisdGeo7a.xml - modified to enable the sstOnOsc misalignment for the SST geometry model;

    Geometry/tpc/TpcHalfPosition.y2019.C, TpcSuperSectorPositionB.y2019.C,iTPCSurvey.y2019.C, itpcPadPlanes.C - added real a nd ideal position for year 2019 TPC/iTPC geometry;
    TpcAdcCorrectionMDF.C - added default TpcAdcCorrectionMDF, year 2019 version of TpcResponseSimulator;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2019.C, tpcAltroParams.y2019.C - modified for year 2019 version of TpcResponseSimulator;

    idl/tpcCorrection.idl - modified to fix bug #3390;
    TpcResponseSimulator.idl - added extra correction for the 1st pad row ;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/l4Builder.cxx, l4Builder.h - added bunch id to event; moveed bunch_id to BESGood; added earliest TACs for BBC/VPD/EPD to trigger data; changed binning;
    tpcBuilder.cxx, tpcBuilder.h - added no cluster vs sector; changed cluster y scale;
    LaserReader.cxx, LaserReader.h - updated;
    etofBuilder.cxx - implemented better way to get slope in multiplicity correlation plot; updated to put resetTime label back to green color in the startrun() function;
    etofBuilder.h, etofBuilder.cxx - fixed a few histogram axis labels; changed reference pulser; added empty channel count to digi density plot;
    Jevp/StJevpServer/JevpServer.cxx - updated;
    StOnlineDisplay - all codes removed because they are unsuported;

  • May 14, 2019
    SL19b library has been updated with codes below to allow skipping of bad events in the AuAu27 data (first half):

    StTpcHitMaker/StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.cxx

    Library has been retagged with tag SL19b_1 and updated codes rebuilt.


  • April 24, 2019
    new library SL19b tagged as SL19b has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 platform;
    Library was tested with standard test suite, found bugs fixed and library was released on April 29 .

    Main features:

    - added TPC codes modification related to dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    - implemented y2019a geometry first production release;
    - added Fixed target geometry for year 2019 ;
    - implemented full iTPC geometry ;
    - added new version of PYTHIA 8 (Pythia8_2_35) event generator in StarGenerator;
    - implemented KLUD geometry which allows for the creation of up to 10 effective cylindrical and/or disk volumes aligned along the z-axis;
    - QtRoot removed;
    - OnlTools: StJevpBuilders & StJevpPlot updated for run 2019;
    - fixed #3388 related to StiCA problem across some sector boundaries;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/agetof/agetof.def - fixed required for 64 bits starsim: the *differences* between memory addresses;
    Simulation/starsim/atgeant/agdgetp.age, agsbegm.age, agspopb.age, agspopb.age, agspush.age, agsreset.age, axposition.age - updated for 64 bits locf ==>longF agdgetp.age;
    Simulation/starsim/comis/cbis.F, ccopysa.F, ccopysa.F, cscall.F, cscalx.F, cscath.F, cschar.F, csetc.F, csicha.F,csicns.F, csinc1.F, csinccl.F, csincl.F, csinfh.F, csinfn.F, csinit.F, csint1.F, csinta.F, csintx.F, csintz.F, cskcal.F, cspmd0.F, cspmd1.F, cspmd2.F, cspmd3.F, cspmd4.F, cspmd5.F, cspmd6.F, cspmd7.F, cspmd8.F, cspmd9.F, cspmfs.F, cssetc.F, cstran.F, mhdef.F, mhfree.F, mident.F - added 64 bits version of comis codes;
    Simulation/starsim/comis/comis/comis.inc, csbuf.inc, cscbwl.inc, csdpvs.inc, csfmt.inc, csfres.inc, cshfill.inc, cshlnm.inc, csichv.inc, csinc.inc, cskeys.inc, cskucs.inc, cslun.inc, csopen.inc, cspanm.inc, cspar.inc, cspnts.inc, csrec.inc, cssysd.inc,cstab.inc, cstabps.inc, cstbls.inc, cstvrs.inc, csutil.inc, cswpar.inc, dlfcn.inc, mdloc.inc, mdpool.inc, miword.F, pilot.h - added 64 bits version of comis codes;
    Simulation/starsim/deccc/cscald.c, cscali.c, cscalia.c, cscalr.c, cschar.c, csmytokn.cxx, jumptn.c, jumpxn.c, locf.c - added 64bits version of comis codes;
    cs_hlshl.c - added 64 bits function pointer ==> token ;
    idisp.c - fixed 64 bits adresses;
    Simulation/starsim/dzdoc/mzpaw.F - 64bits modification: use array in common instead of malloc;
    Simulation/starsim/geant/gzebra.F - modified to increase Zebra to 20M words;
    rexe/TGeant3/gcomad.F - modified for 64bits: integer*8 for address;

    StHistUtil.cxx - modified QA hists for run 2019 data;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - added picoDst BSMD write mode, implemented chain for Chains for 2019 data + etof compended, implemented options for shadowing and AbortGapCleaning distortion correction;
    StBTofSimMaker.cxx - modified to move usage of pointer to after instantiation of the pointer ;
    StBichselLinkDef.h, StdEdxModel.cxx, StdEdxModel.h, bichdX.C, bichselG.C, bichselG10.C - modified for run 2018 dEdx calibration ;
    StdEdxPull.cxx, StdEdxPull.h - new files added for run 2018 dEdx calibration;
    GeometryDbAliases.h, StChain.cxx - added y2019a geometry first production release;
    EMC/EMC_BarrelReader.cxx, EMC_SmdReader.cxx - modifications for 64bits: use TTimeStamp for unix time ;
    StDbDefs.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc - updated for eTOF DB management;
    StDbUtilitiesLinkDef.h, StSvtCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production; added new function 'PredictSpaceCharge()' using real hit radii;
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - updated for for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StDetectorDbMaker.cxx, StDetectorDbMakerLinkDef.h, StSstSurveyC.h, StTpcSurveyC.h, St_SurveyC.h, St_itpcPadGainT0C.h, St_TpcAvgCurrentC.h, St_TpcAvgPowerSupplyC.h, St_TpcResponseSimulatorC.h, St_tpcSlewingC.h, St_tpcDimensionsC.h, St_tpcPadConfigC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0BC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0C.h, St_tpcRDOMasksC.h, St_tpcRDOMapC.h, St_tpcRDOT0offsetC.h, StiTPCHitErrorCalculator.h, St_tpcTimeDependenceC.h, StiTpcChairs.cxx - modified to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    St_iTPCSurveyC.h - removed defined but not implemented functions;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcSCGLC.h - updated for for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    St_tpcPadConfigC.cxx - removed;
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx, StETofCalibMaker.h - added first version of pulser correction procedure;
    StETofHitMaker.h - added cyclic mean calculation function for average hit time;
    StETofHitMaker.cxx - added more correlation & average hit time histograms for offline QA;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx - added more histograms for offline QA;
    geometry/StEmcGeom.cxx - updated to remove creating and deleting StMaker;
    StTpcHit.h, StTpcHitCollection.cxx, StTpcHitCollection.h - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    StEventCompendiumMaker.cxx, StEventCompendiumMaker.h - removed redundant definition of mag.field in Event summary;
    StuFixTopoMap.cxx - added flexibility for iTpc hits;
    StTinyMcTrack.cxx - OverComplicated print commented out;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - fixed some memory leaks;
    StMtdMatchMaker.cxx - bug fixed: check the existence of vertex when analyzing StEvent ;
    StMtdMatchMaker.h - improved: extrapolate tracks to the proper primary vertex when available;
    StMtdQAMaker.cxx, StMtdQAMaker.h - added option to apply vertex vr cut ;
    StMtdTrigUtil.cxx - added MTD trigger utility class for analyzing MTD trigger information;
    StMtdTrigUtil.h - added function to retrieve QT trigger channel ;
    StSpaceChargeDistMaker.cxx - enabled TPC/iTPC switch via St_tpcPadConfig;
    CentralityMaker.cxx, CentralityMaker.h, StRefMultCorr.cxx, StRefMultCorr.h - new modules for cantrality definition;
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDbMaker.cxx - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StTpcAvClusterMaker.cxx, StTpcAvClusterMaker.h, StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.h, StTpcHitMakerLinkDef.h, StTpcMixerMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.h, St_daq_adc_tb.h, St_daq_cld.h, St_daq_sim_adc_tb.h, St_daq_sim_cld.h, St_tpc_cl.h - updated to complete dEdx calibration for run 2018 data production;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - reshaped;
    StTpcRSMakerLinkDef.h, TF1F.cxx, TF1F.h - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    StTreeMaker.cxx - removed assert;
    StDSMUtilities/DSMLayer_B001_2009.hh, DSMLayer_B101_2009.hh, DSMLayer_E001_2009.hh, DSMLayer_E101_2009.hh, DSMLayer_EM201_2009.hh, DSMLayer_LD301_2009.hh, TCU_2009.hh, trgUtil_2009.hh - updated;
    StTrsMaker.cxx - bug fixed;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h, QAhlist_subsystems.h, StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQABookHist.cxx, StQABookHist.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx, StQAMakerBase.h - updated for run 2019 QA histograms;
    St_db_Maker.cxx - added ATTENTION message;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx, St_geant_Maker.h, navigate.g - Implemented a templated method for creating and filling the g2t hit tables; bug fixed;
    Embed/StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx - updated primary vertex sigma names; updated vertex errors;
    StarGenerator/BASE/AgStarReader.cxx, StarPrimaryMaker.cxx - Fixes particle time-of-flight;
    StarGenerator/Hijing1_383/StarHijing.cxx - fixed mistake in declaration of FORtran/C++ rng interface;
    address.F - modified to use iso_c_binding to establish FORtran/C++ interface;
    hijing1.383.F - modified for better implementation; checked that the candidate string number (N_ST) is not past the last generated particle.;
    StarGenerator/Kinematics/StarKinematics.cxx - fixed bug #3364 related to distance Units in the Simulation Framework, made it mm consistent with the HEPEVT standard used in event generators ;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_2_22/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_4_23/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_4_28/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia8_2_35/ - multiple codes updated to install version of PYTHIA 8 event generator;
    StarGenerator/UrQMD3_3_1/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StPidStatus.cxx, StPidStatus.h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h - modified to add PicoTrack for StPidStatus, added protection for range in Phi correction;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h, dEdxHist.cxx, dEdxHist.h - added dE/dx calibration for run 2018 isobar and AuAu 27GeV data production;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrack.h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiVMCToolKit.cxx - fixed JetCorr tracking problem;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx - modified to restore NHitsPossible by swimming through other layers in getAllPointCount() after removing from initalize0();
    StiDetectorContainer.cxx, StiDetectorContainer.h - introduced restricted swimming in moveIn() necessary for following reasonable trajectories;
    StiMaker.cxx - fixed bug;

    EventTracker/gl3Event.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.h - updated;
    include/RC_Config.h, cmds.h, daq100Decision.h, daqFormats.h, iccp.h, iccp2k.h, iccpHeader.h, prepareGbPayload.h, rtsMonitor.h, rtsSystems.h - updated for run 2019;
    include/DB/RunLog/daqEventTag.h - updated for run 2019;
    scr/rtsmakefile.def - updated;
    scr/DAQ_FCS/daq_fcs.cxx, daq_fcs.h - updated DAQ for FCS detector;
    fcs_data_c.cxx - new files for FCS detector;
    scr/DAQ_ITPC/daq_itpc.cxx, daq_itpc.h, itpcFCF.cxx, itpcInterpreter.cxx, itpcInterpreter.h, itpcPed.cxx, itpcPed.h - updated DAQ for iTPC;
    scr/DAQ_L4/daq_l4.h - updated;
    src/DAQ_STGC/stgcPed.cxx - updated;
    scr/DAQ_TPC/daq_tpx.cxx, tpxCore.cxx, tpxCore.h, tpxGain.cxx, tpxPed.cxx - updated;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/rts_example.C, rts_example.trg.C - updated;
    trg/include/RTS_EXAMPLE/trgDataDefs.h, trgDataDefs_46.h - new code for run 2019 trigger data;

    sim/g2t/g2t_get_kine.F, g2t_volume_id.g - updated;

    AgMLGeometry/Geometry.y2019a.C - added year 2019 geometry;
    Calibrations/tpc/TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2015.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2016.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2018.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2015.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2016.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C.Altro3, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C.Altro4, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcAvgCurrent.y2019.C - new files;
    TpcAvgPowerSupply.y2018.C, TpcAvgPowerSupply.y2019.C, TpcLengthCorrectionMDF.C, TpcResponseSimulator.C, TpcResponseSimulator.dev2019.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2010.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2011.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2017.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2019.C - modified;
    TpcCurrentCorrectionX.20170101.000000.root, TpcDriftDistOxygen.y2018.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.y2019.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.20190101.000007.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.20190101.000400.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2016.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2018.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2005.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2016.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2018.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2005.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2018.C - added new files;
    TpcRowQ.y2005.C, TpcRowQ.y2006.C, TpcRowQ.y2019.C, TpcSecRowB.C, TpcSecRowB.y2018.C, TpcSecRowC.C - modified;
    tpcAltroParams.y2010.C, tpcAltroParams.y2016.C, tpcElectronics.dev2019.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20071101.000000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20080128.000000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.y2018.C - updated;
    TpcSecRowB.y2019.C, TpcSecRowC.y2018.C, TpcSecRowC.y2019.C, TpcTanL.y2018.C, TpcTanL.y2019.C, TpcZCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcZCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcdXCorrectionB.r2018.C, TpcdXCorrectionB.y2016.C, itpcPadGainT0.C, itpcPadGainT0.r2018.root, itpcPadGainT0.y2018.C, itpcPadGainT0 .y2019.C, tpcAltroParams.20180426.121919.C, tpcAltroParams.20180426.124701.C, tpcAltroParams.y2019.C, tpcAnodeHVavg.y2019.C, tpcGas.y2018.C, tpcPadGainT0.y2018.C, tpcPressureB.r2018.C, tpcPressureB.r2019.C, tpcPressureB.y2018.C, tpcRDOMap.C, tpcRDOMap.r2016.C, tpcRDOMap.y2016.C, tpcRDOT0offset.20180312.162439.C, tpcRDOT0offset.C, tpcRDOT0offset.y2019.C - new files;
    tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000001.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000003.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190204.200005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190205.160005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190207.115309.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190212.121959.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190214.225622.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190215.021615.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190215.224935.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190223.080000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.y2019.C, tpcTimeDependence.C - new files;
    Geometry/tpc/TpcInnerSectorPositionB.y2016.C, iTPCSurvey.CtpcPadPlanes.C - new files;
    itpcPadPlanes.C, tpcPadConfig.y2019.C, tpcPadPlanes.dev2019.C - updated;

    idl/TpcResponseSimulator.idl, tpcPadPlanes.idl - updated for dE/dx calibration;
    idl/ rhicfBarMap.idl, rhicfGain.idl, rhicfPedestal.idl, rhicfPlateRange.idl - new tables for RHICf detector;
    etofPulserTotPeak.idl - new eTOF table;
    tpcChargeEvent.idl - new table for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;

    Geometry/StarGeo.xml - added y2019a geometry first production release;
    Geometry/CaveGeo/CaveGeo3.xml - updated to make sure correct version of data structure is available;;
    Geometry/KludGeo/KludGeo.xml - implemented KLUD geometry which allows for the creation of up to 10 effective cylindrical and/or disk volumes aligned along the z-axis;
    KludConfig.xml - enabled run-time configuration for this geometry during starsim runs;
    Geometry/PipeGeo/PipeConfig.xml, PipeGeo.xml - added Fixed target geometry;
    TargConfig.xml - added file to control target geometry;
    TargGeo.xml - added Fixed target geometry;
    Geometry/TpceGeo/TpceConfig.xml, TpceGeo5.xml - updated experimental geometry. Make some of the "standard" paramters the default;
    TpceGeo6.xml - implemented full iTPC geometry ;
    StarAgmlLib/AgMLStructure.h - rguement was shadowing a member, resulting in (legion of) warnings;
    AgModule.cxx, AgModule.h - removed unused reference to (deprecated) AgStructure class;
    Mortran.h, StarTGeoStacker.cxx - fixed coverity defects;
    StarAgmlUtil/AgParameterList.h - fixed coverity defects;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/JevpBuilder.cxx, daqBuilder.cxx, daqBuilder.h, etofBuilder.cxx, etofBuilder.h, etofMessageFormat.cxx, etofMessageFormat.h, l4Builder.cxx, l4Builder.h, trgBuilder.cxx, trgBuilder.h - updated for run 2019;
    tpcBuilder.cxx, tpcBuilder.h - new TPC builder files for run 2019;
    Jevp/StJevpPlot/JevpPlot.cxx, JevpPlot.h, JevpPlotSet.cxx, JevpPlotSet.h, JevpServer.cxx - updated for run 2019 online QA plots;


  • March 11, 2018
    new library SL19a library tagged as SL19a has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 .
    Library was tested with standard test suite, found bugs fixed and library was released on March 21.

    New features of the library:

    - eTOF and related codes updated;
    - trigger data for run 2019;

    Next codes have been updated


    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - implemented options for eTOF processing;
    TRG/trgStructures2019.h - trigger data for run 2019
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx , StETofCalibMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofDigiMaker.cxx, StETofDigiMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofHitMaker.cxx, StETofHitMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx, StETofMatchMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StBbcGeom.cxx, StBbcGeom.h, StEpdEpFinder.cxx, StEpdEpFinder.h, StEpdEpInfo.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.h,
    StEpdEvp.cxx, StEpdEvp.h, StEpdGeom.cxx, StEpdGeom.h - updated for eTOF detector;
    StEpdUtilLinkDef.h - new file for eTOF;
    StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorName.cxx, StETofDigi.h, StETofHit.cxx, StETofHit.h - updated
    StEnumerations.h, StEvent.cxx, StEvent.h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventLinkDef.h, StEventTypes.h - updated
    StTpcRawData.h, StTrackTopologyMap.cxx, StTriggerData.cxx, StTriggerData.h - updated
    StETofPidTraits.cxx , StETofPidTraits.h - new files for eTOF;
    StRHICfCollection.cxx, StRHICfCollection.h - new files for eTOF;
    StTriggerData2019.cxx, StTriggerData2019.h - new files for trigger data run 2019;
    COMMON/StMuETofCollection.cxx, StMuETofCollection.h, StMuETofDigi.cxx, StMuETofDigi.h, StMuETofHeader.cxx, StMuETofHeader.h, StMuETofHit.cxx, StMuETofHit.h, StMuETofPidTraits.cxx, StMuETofPidTraits.h - new files for eTOF detector;
    StMuEvent.cxx, StMuEvent.h, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTypes.hh - updated;
    StPicoDstMaker.cxx, StPicoDstMaker.h, StPicoFmsFiller.cxx, StPicoFmsFiller.h, StPicoUtilities.h - updated
    StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.h, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.h - new files for BEmc;
    StPicoArrays.cxx, StPicoArrays.h, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.h - updated ;
    StPicoBTofHit.cxx, StPicoBTofHit.h, StPicoBTofPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBTofPidTraits.h, StPicoBTowHit.cxx, StPicoBTowHit.h, StPicoBbcHit.cxx, StPicoBbcHit.h, StPicoCommon.h, StPicoDst.cxx, StPicoDst.h, StPicoDstLinkDef.h, StPicoDstReader.cxx, StPicoDstReader.h, StPicoEmcTrigger.cxx, StPicoEmcTrigger.h, StPicoEpdHit.cxx, StPicoEpdHit.h, StPicoEvent.cxx, StPicoEvent.h, StPicoFmsHit.cxx ,StPicoFmsHit.h, StPicoHelix.cxx, StPicoHelix.h, StPicoMtdHit.cxx, StPicoMtdHit.h, StPicoMtdPidTraits.cxx , StPicoMtdPidTraits.h, StPicoMtdTrigger.cxx, StPicoMtdTrigger.h, StPicoPhysicalHelix.cxx, StPicoPhysicalHelix.h, StPicoTrack.cxx, StPicoTrack.h, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.cxx, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.h - updated to improve style;
    StTagsMaker.cxx - updated;

    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - updated for run 2019;

    idl/etofCalibParam.idl, etofDetResolution.idl, etofDigiSlewCorr.idl, etofDigiTimeCorr.idl, etofDigiTotCorr.idl, etofElectronicsMap.idl, etofGeomAlign.idl, etofHitParam.idl , etofMatchParam.idl, etofResetTimeCorr.idl, etofSignalVelocity.idl, etofSimEfficiency.idl , etofStatusMap.idl, etofTimingWindow.idl - new tables for eTOF;


Lidia Didenko