How to run the patched PYTHIA 6 in starsim

The most of the MC production jobs that the spin PWG requested for the di-jet analysis didn't finish successfully
Patch for a bug in PYTHIA6
This page explains how to run the patched PYHIA 6 as the event generator for starsim. The starsim has a mechanism where a user can choose a specific version of Pythia to use at run time.This feature will be used.

Install shared objects for the patched PYTHIA for starsim

This tar ball contains the source files for the patched PYTHIA 6.205 and 6.4.10 in the form that fits to starsim.

Build the shared objects with the following commands.

tai@rcas6007% stardev
tai@rcas6007% tar xvfz patched_pythia_for_starsim.1.0.0.tar.gz
tai@rcas6007% cons

Two shared objects should be built in the directory $MINE_LIB.

These are loadable modules for starsim which contain the patched PYTHIA 6.205 and 6.4.10, respectively.

run starsim

This is a smple kumac file load the shared object and generated one hundred events.

tai@rcas6007% starsim
* Starting starsim NwGEANT= 20000000 NwPAW= 2000000 *
**********************pid= 22383**********************
* *
* W E L C O M E to starsim *
* *
* Version INITIAL 16 November 2006 *
* *
Workstation type (?=HELP) <CR>=1 : 0
Version 1.29/04 of HIGZ started
1***** GEANT Version 3.21/08 Released on 230697
0***** Correction Cradle Version 0.0800
***** RZMAKE. OLD RZ format selected for RZDOC
starsim > exec sample.kumac

You should be able to find the output my_pythia_file.fz if the MC production is successful.

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