TPC speed upgrade 2022

 This page is setup to keep track of meetings documents for the task force work for the
tpc speed upgrade for runs 23-25.

Status as of December 14 22,
Presentation from Tonko at collaboration meeting (pdf)

TPC meeting June 22

Update from Tonko on progress (pdf)

Meeting March 24

Discussion points send out ahead of meeting (Flemming) pdf
Progress slides - tonko  pdf
minutes - Richard pdf

First meeting February 17

overview presentation and discussion (ppt)
minutes (pdf)
after meeting Jeff posted the projected resource needs for handling data to S&C (pptx)

Charge and Committee

 We would like to form the STAR TPC DAQ improvement task force. With the firmware changes on the TPC electronics, it is possible for us to double the TPC electronics readout rate with a minimal cost. This will greatly enhance STAR physics capability. Our past Beam Use Request has taken the planned upgrade into account.  The long shut down anticipated after Run 22 provides us an opportunity to do the firmware change and evaluate the impact for physics data analysis. The task force is charged to evaluate the readiness of the TPC DAQ improvement for Run 23 and beyond:


  1. What are the resources required to realize DAQ improvement?
  2. Where is the bottleneck for this upgrade? What are the risks?
  3. What software changes (online and offline) are required to accommodate the upgrade?
  4. What hardware and network changes are required to handle this upgrade?
  5. Evaluate the impact of proposed changes on physics capabilities.
  6. What is the timeline and path toward completion of this upgrade? 
  7. Report to management regularly and provide input to beam use request for Run 23 and beyond.


The members are:

Flemming Videbaek (co-Chair)

Richard Witt (co-Chair)

Zhenyu Chen

Xin Dong

Yuri Fisyak

Carl Gagliardi

Jeff Landgraf

Tonko Ljubicic

Chun Yuen Tsang

Gene Van Buren


Lijuan and Helen