Calibration Coordinator

Position and responsibilities Description: Calibration coordinator

The STAR Calibration Coordinator's primary mission is focused toward the delivery of the calibration constants necessary to bring the data to an expected level of quality in support of the scientific program. The STAR Calibration coordinator is expected to work in concert with the STAR sub-systems software coordinator's designated calibration expert(s) to bring the data to a level of accuracy and quality in support of the scientific program. Before and during period of data taking and data production, this may be achieved through organizing calibration readiness meetings or communicate with the calibration experts and/or prepare/summarize and develop a calibration plan and schedule as required. He/she would interact with them to understand their problems and seek to work toward the elimination of mindless tasks through automation (support for online calibration, fast-offline, etc...). He/she will be responsible for pro-actively be the liaison (and main point of contact) between production, reconstruction, database or other coordinators and the sub-systems expert within the realm of expertise.


  • To achieve objectives, he/she has the authority to directly request highly prioritized productions.

  • The Calibration coordinator priorities and schedule takes precedence over the individual sub-systems calibration needs.

  • The Calibration coordinator may request progress status to the sub-system designated calibration experts

  • If any, and in order to make the best of use of the global STAR calibration organization, he/she should be informed about on-going independent calibration effort and techniques being developed within the collaboration. Work should have his/her final approval before an integration in the STAR framework.


He/she is responsible for identifying key milestones, determine immediate and future needs and communicate critical project issues in a timely fashion.
He/she is expected to be a central point of contact for the user's need within the area of expertise, respond to user problems, explain technology and methodologies and guide or mentor individuals as appropriate.


The STAR Calibration Coordinator is expected to demonstrate in depth understanding of fundamentals of the requirement specification, design, coding, and testing of technologies, methodologies and computational techniques related to the calibration needs of the STAR experiment. He/she should have a good understanding of the current and future application and technology and the faculty to learn, apply and implement new and emerging techniques and concepts very quickly.

Written by Jerome Lauret, S&C Leader 2003