Run 8 preparation meetings #7

2007-11-16 15:00
2007-11-16 17:00
Friday, 16 November 2007
1-189, HighSpeed conference bridge, at 20:00 (GMT), duration : 02:00
Action items from past weeks, progress and status   (all)
  • NFS disk mounting for John
    • Was NFS, proposed SSH - what's the story?
    • + space [needed to be separate from normal system and web for stability)
  • TRGFE5, the story and plan forward
  • Scheduled scans - results feedback
  • Ganglia online and Osiris expansion
  • ShiftLeader node (was part of the ESL actions actually)
    • JavaWeb start
  • CAD node and password locking screen-saver topic
  • ESL development and progress
  • Confirmation of test of the QA hand-shake with the ESL 
  • Automation of calibration - more thoughts, progress what's new
  • Review of QA plots online and offline -status and progress
    • Large PDF issue bundled in this
  • Status of node replacement for the EMC
  • SSH gatekeeper, sshfs idea
    • + getting back to Joe [had problems last year]
    • scp --> was sshfs
  • Slow control GMT time issue
  • pp2pp devices, networking etc ...
  • ch2linux retirement and RunLog issue
  • Minor action items or items
    • SSH key w link on the web
    • Documentation update for online (ESL, QA, ...)
    • Feedback on "free"node and possible usage
      • note: last call this week / will drop this

Core items of this week's meeting

  • QA status and progress Gene & al.
    • Summary of online and offline status
    • QA documentation in Drupal
  • Status of the EventDisplay Valeri
    • Integration with eventPool, need, ETA
  • HPSS MDC, data flow, db connections & firewall   [Mike / Wayne / Lidia]
    • HPSS MDC news
    • Data flow from producting daq to having related info as db entries to ...
    • FastOffline and offline FileCatalog
  • Online Web server cleanup                                        [Mike]
  • Reader integration, general discussion                  [All]