STAR Management Meeting

2008-10-01 10:00
2008-10-01 11:00
Wednesday, 1 October 2008
BNL, 50-I-189, at 14:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00

Conference Phone Number: 510 486 7333

   Time:  10 - 11 am EDT

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    1) Status of the STAR Computing Plan: Jerome

    2) Difference between PHENIX and STAR data:

        (i) NPE distributions and Charm cross sections: Thomas, Yifei, Xin, Manuel, Xie

        (ii) phi-meson distributions: Bedanga, Helen, Jinhui, Huan

        (iii) R_AA of pions: Jamie, Zhangbu, Guoji, Yichun

    3) Commission of the STAR trigger board: Nu

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    Brief Summary:

    1) STAR Computing Plan: in two weeks, finalize the plan, circulate it among detector experts

    2) Discuss with Barbara about unpublished data for the discussions

   3)  Trigger Board Membership:

    Carl Gagliardi (Chair), Jeff Landgraf, Jamie Dunlop, Akio Agawa, Zhangbu Xu,
    Bill Christie, Hank Crawford, Ernst Sichtermann, Thomas Ullrich

    Period Coordinator: Olga Barannikova, Lijuan Ruan, Xin Dong,  Bernd Surrow

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