STAR Management Meeting

2008-10-08 10:00
2008-10-08 11:00
Wednesday, 8 October 2008
BNL, 50-I-189, at 14:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00

Conference Phone Number: 510 486 7333

   Time:  10 - 11 am EDT

 * --===================================--*


    1) RHIC S&T Report discussions : Jamie

        Action items:

    2) Status at the WAH: Bill

    3) Status of the difficult papers:  Nu  

    4) QM09 speakers discussions

* --===================================--*

    Brief Summary:

    (1) RHIC S&T review report action items:

         - TPC: form a review panel with members of D. Makja (chair), F. Videbaek, C. Woody (PHENIX), ... to develope the charges.

            Goals: (a) TPC aging issue; (b) TPC operation team.

            In addition, ask J. Thomas to establish a team to answer the charges.

         - Management involvement on the upgrade projects: Helen/ Zhangbu to develop a comprehensive list of STAR upgrade projects.

            Request bi-momthly or quarterly report, to the management, from each project.


    (2) WAH status: Everything is moving forward smoothly. Expect 90 TOF trays for FY09 run. Bill will send out a message to relevant

         parties regarding to the IF integration issues.  

   (3) Potential topical review speakers from STAR. Here are the topics (name) for discussion:

        [1] Collectivity and thermalization at RHIC:

        [2] Open heavy quark hadron crossections, flow,  & R_AA at RHIC

        [3] Closed heavy quark crossection & R_AA measurements at RHIC

        [4] E-by-E measurements at RHIC: 

        [5] Correlation measurement at forward rapidities: (FMS)

        [6] RHIC energy scan program:

        [7] High pT and real jets measurements at RHIC:

        Jamie will lead the discussions next Wednesday.


    (4) Nu should send out a message to the collaboration about the run09. Jamie makes the draft including: Steve's RHIC news, 'if's,

        & trigger boards.


    (5) STAR computing plan: in working, expect a new reprot next week.