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  • Please note that the Run 9 data production is nearly done - see this posting - bootstrap will take some time.
  • Test ongoing for an eventual production of the HLT stream as-is (Run 10)
  • The list of bugs of the week have been sent
    • Please note that high bugs with functional impact for data reconstruction MUST be closed before a production quality library is released (+).
    • #1779 - StFms... Ticket related to FMS class model, suggest that it was alredy solved but ticket not attended. Ticket had no owner.  Taken and closed.
    • #1913 - Simulation has extra dead TPC region; the problem is related to tpcAnodeHVavg table entries in DB; table was populated but the problem needs to be cheched by running test. Owner=genevb.
    • #1914 - Simulation has different relative TPC efficiencies than data; ticket taken; work and investidation is ongoing. Owner=fisyak
    • #1925 - seg.violation in StPmdClusterMaker; there is a problem to process pmdReco data for run 2010; authors are informed and looking into the problem. This ticket should be resolved by PMD experts and assigned to Rashmi.
    • #1927 - East-West TPC displacement due to TpcRS for MC reconstruction; not taken yet.
    • #1933 - no TPC hits in MC chain for year 2010 simulation; problem was mentionned as resolved by changing default timestamp but there is an objection to the approach. Initial Owner=fisyak. Moderator: jlauret. Ticket is pending answers to a few questions for clarifications.
  • Peer reviews - multiple incoming and would need to be organized: StTriggerSimuMaker and StEEmcSlowMaker.
  • Downtime of the facility tomorrow, May 13th . During the downtime, login will not work.