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Data production plans for Year 10

A rough priority list for production ws summarized here. Discussions also took place diring the last STAR analysis meeting at UCLA concenring production details, what run should be produced and so on. The dicussion was initiated as

  1. The plan is very vague at this time
  2. The plan is not specific enough in terms of number of events and exact trigger specifications

And example was given in the S&C overview talk based on central trigger (the famous 50 M events request) and can be understood as follows:

  • All triggers are now mixed into a _production trigger setup. In whole, we have alot of events
    AuAu200_production: 826.96 M

    pAuAu62_production: 241.59 M
    pAuAu39_production: 265.94 M
    pAuAu11_production:   58.41 M

    pAuAu7_production: 116.19 M

  • AuAu200_production: 18.3% of events from a “main” central triggers, 32.1% of all central triggers - the below table was extracted from the RunLog


Depending on what the PWG need, 50 M central may be 150 M events or …  267 M events (90 days to 160 days).

Point to carry back: without exact trigger of interrest, number of events etc ... we may have suprises by factors of x4 to x10.

Further discussions with the PWGC indicated a need to start doing QA identifying on good/bad data.


/star/u cleanup

An old topic of cleaning up old account on /star/u and moving files to HPSS is reaching a conclusion (a solution was discussed with the RCF and put into operation and tetsing). The following list of users are target for migration to mass storage:

Chuang Li /star/u/chuli Inactive 2007-07-14
Xin Wang /star/u/xw8 Inactive 2007-06-07
John Adams /star/u/adams Inactive 2005-11-21
Dawn Fullerton /star/u/adawnis Inactive 2007-06-04
Andrei (Andrey) Goltsev AGOLSEV@SUNHE.JINR.RU /star/u/agolcev Inactive 2002-08-04
Alan Hoffman /star/u/ahoffman Inactive 20100218
Rebecca L. Redding /star/u/ailea Inactive 2003-05-28
Ajay Kumar /star/u/ajay Inactive 2006-12-09
Alexander Stolpovsky /star/u/alexst Inactive 2005-09-30
Chris Allgower, ALLGOWER@IUCF.INDIANA.EDU /star/u/allgower Inactive 2003-07-13
Mikhail Alyushin MIKHAIL@ALYUSHIN.ELDEP.MEPHI.RU /star/u/alyushin Inactive  
John Amonett, /star/u/amonett Inactive 2006-05-30
Anarbay Urkinbaev /star/u/anarbay Inactive 2005-05-31
andreas schuettauf ANDREAS@MPPMU.MPG.DE /afs/ Inactive 2003-03-31
Andrew Sustich SUSTICH@QUAPAW.ASTATE.EDU /star/u/andy Inactive 2001-06-19
tai an /star/u/antai Inactive 2006-12-28
Antonio Di Mauro ANTONIO.DI.MAURO@CERN.CH /star/u/antodim Inactive 2005-02-04
Andrew Trapp /star/u/atrapp Inactive 2006-02-22
Alexander A. Wetzler /star/u/awetzler Inactive 2008-02-24
Michael Barclay /star/u/barclaym Inactive 2003-08-02
Jerome Baudot /star/u/baudot Inactive 20080930
Byoung-Chul Kim /star/u/bchkim Inactive 2007-10-31
Viktoria Belaga /star/u/belaga Inactive 2003-10-03
Anneli Bellingeri-Laurikainen /star/u/belaurik Inactive 2008-02-25
Federica Benedosso /star/u/benedos Inactive 20100331
Igor Bertovic /star/u/bertovic Inactive 2007-02-28
Betty Bezverkhny, /star/u/betya Inactive 20100218
Brian Biggerstaff /star/u/biggles Inactive 2006-12-16
Anja E.M. Billmeier, /star/u/billmei Inactive 2005-07-14
Abdelkrim Boucham /star/u/boucham Inactive 2005-02-05
Brandon Szeliga /star/u/branman Inactive 2004-08-25
Melanie Evanger Bullinger /star/u/bulling Inactive 2006-06-04
Bum Choi /star/u/bum Inactive 2003-12-31
Benjamin Clouser /star/u/bwc125 Inactive 2006-05-18
Michal Bystersky /star/u/bystersk Inactive 20091001
xiangzhou cai /star/u/caixz Inactive 2004-12-31
Alex Cardenas CARDENAS@PHYSICS.PURDUE.EDU /star/u/cardenas Inactive 2003-07-26
Maria Antonia Castro CASTRO@PHYSICS.WAYNE.EDU /afs/ Inactive 2002-06-05
Charles Blyth COB@NP.PH.BHAM.AC.UK /star/u/cblyth Inactive 2004-09-14
Guirfan Chamsoutdinov /star/u/chamsout Inactive 2005-03-16
Mei-li Chen /star/u/chenml Inactive 2003-05-15
Chunhui Han, /star/u/chunhuih Inactive 2005-12-31
camelia mironov, /star/u/cmironov Inactive 20081020
Crystal Nassouri /star/u/cnass Inactive 2004-08-25
Laurent Conin LAURENT.CONIN@SUBATECH.IN2P3.FR /star/u/conin Inactive  
Nadine Credi /star/u/credi Inactive 2003-05-31
Christopher Miller /star/u/cvmiller Inactive 20080818
Daniel Thomas Brown DANNYTB@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU /star/u/dannytb Inactive 2002-06-05
David M. Cherney /star/u/dcherney Inactive 2006-07-06
Daniela Cozza /star/u/dcozza Inactive 2002-04-07
Andrew Dean /star/u/dean5205 Inactive 2004-09-01
Daniel Hale /star/u/dhale Inactive 2006-04-08
Ronli Diakow /star/u/diakow Inactive 2005-04-01
Domenico Di Bari DIBARI@BA.INFN.IT /star/u/dibari Inactive 2004-03-19
David Lynch /star/u/dlynch Inactive 2004-05-13
Fei Du /star/u/du Inactive 20090401
Vladimir Dunin DUNIN@SUNHE.JINR.RU /star/u/dunin Inactive  
Edwin Stanley Braithwaite BRAITH@CEDARVILLE.EDU /star/u/esbraith Inactive 2001-02-01
Evgeni (Evgueni) Gushchin (Gouchtchine) /star/u/evgeni Inactive 2003-08-31
Julien Faivre /star/u/faivre Inactive 2005-04-19
Dominik Bernhard Flierl /afs/ Inactive 2005-11-30
Courtney Foote /star/u/foote Inactive 2005-10-18
paul brady FPBRADY@UCDAVIS.EDU /star/u/fpbrady Inactive 2003-01-31
Fabrice G. Retiere /star/u/fretiere Inactive 20091013
Nikolai Gagunashvili GHGUNASH@SUNHE.JINR.RU /star/u/gagunash Inactive 2002-07-18
Leon Gaillard /star/u/gaillard Inactive 20091001
Jonathan Gans, /star/u/gans Inactive 2005-06-01
Gaspare Lo Curto GASPARE@MPS.OHIO_STATE.EDU /star/u/gaspare Inactive 2001-09-06
Ludovic Gaudichet /star/u/gaudiche Inactive 2005-07-09
Eugene T Yamamoto /afs/ Inactive 2006-07-24
George O'Donnell /star/u/godonnel Inactive 2007-05-25
Mathew Goupell MJGOUPELL@LBL.GOV /star/u/goupell Inactive 2001-01-10
Guodong Wang /star/u/guodong Inactive 2006-02-21
Guoji Lin /star/u/guojilin Inactive 20100218
Giovanni Zevi Della Porta /star/u/gz44 Inactive 2007-02-09
Hyun-Ah Choi, /star/u/hachoi Inactive 2007-10-31
Hai Jiang /star/u/haijiang Inactive 2006-03-20
Timothy Hallman /star/u/hallman Inactive  
Mark Hanna /star/u/hannam Inactive 2003-06-03
David Hardtke DHHARDTKE@LBL.GOV /star/u/hardtke Inactive 2003-06-15
Hans Raj Sharma /star/u/himhans Inactive 2006-05-23
Hongyu Zhang /star/u/hongyu Inactive 2006-02-05
Jacquelyn Hostler /star/u/hostlerj Inactive 2004-08-30
Homeyra Sadaghiani /star/u/hsada Inactive 2003-04-14
Ian Johnson IJJOHNSON@LBL.GOV /star/u/ijohnson Inactive 2004-06-05
Igor Savin /star/u/isavin Inactive 2007-02-22
Jens Alexander Berger, JBERGER@IKF.UNI-FRANKFURT.DE /star/u/jberger Inactive 2004-08-20
Jonathan Langdon /star/u/jcger56 Inactive 20090810
Javier Castillo Castellanos, /afs/ Inactive 20080831
Maciej Jedynak /star/u/jedynak Inactive 2006-01-06
Jeffrey Gordon Reid JGREID@U.WASHINGTON.EDU /star/u/jgreid Inactive 2004-03-19
Fei Jia /star/u/jiafei Inactive 2007-01-31
Peter Graham Jones /star/u/jones Inactive 20080802
John Tatarowicz /star/u/jwt145 Inactive 20090516
Jiaxu Zuo /star/u/jxzuo Inactive 20100108
Alexander (A) Karakash KARAKASH@D11.MEPHI.RU /star/u/karakash Inactive  
Melissa Kewley KEWLEY@PHYSICS.WAYNE.EDU /star/u/kewley Inactive 2002-06-05
Karin Silvia Franzoni Fornazier Guimaraes /star/u/kfornaz Inactive 20100426
Vadim Y. Khodyrev /star/u/khodyrev Inactive 20080914
Kirill Filimonov /star/u/kirill Inactive 2007-02-06
Naomi van der Kolk /star/u/kolk Inactive 2007-08-31
Mikhail Kopytin (Kopytine), /star/u/kopytin Inactive 20081103
Katarzyna Kowalik /star/u/kowalik Inactive 20080809
Martin A. Kramer,, /star/u/kramer Inactive 20090309
Vladimire (Vladimir) Kravtsov /star/u/kravtsov Inactive 2006-09-30
Christian Kuhn CHRISTIAN.KUHN@IRES.IN2P3.FR /star/u/kuhn Inactive 2005-12-07
Christopher Kunz,CKUNZ@ANDREW.CMU.EDU /star/u/kunz Inactive 2003-10-03
Rim Kutuev KUTUEV@SUNSE.JINR.DUBNA.SU /star/u/kutuev Inactive  
Rebecca Lamb /star/u/lambr Inactive 2003-07-15
Curtis Lansdell,LANSDELL@PHYSICS.UTEXAS.EDU /star/u/lansdell Inactive 2003-05-02
Larry Jackson /star/u/larrydps Inactive 2003-08-01
Brian Lasiuk BRIAN.LASIUK@YALE.EDU /star/u/lasiuk Inactive 2002-06-05
Frank Laue /star/u/laue Inactive 2007-05-11
Frederic Lefevre /star/u/lefevre Inactive 2004-08-04
Sabina Lehocka /star/u/lehocka Inactive 2007-02-11
Piotr Leszczynski LESZCZU@IF.PW.EDU.PL /star/u/leszczu Inactive  
Lilian Martin MARTIN@SUBATECH.IN2P3.FR /star/u/lmartin Inactive 2007-03-28
Hui Long LONG@PHYSICS.UCLA.EDU /afs/ Inactive 2006-02-05
Luis Cely LACELY@SUN.SCIENCE.WAYNE.EDU /star/u/luis Inactive 2002-06-02
Lusha Yu /star/u/lyu Inactive 2006-06-29
Johan E. Gonzalez /star/u/macross Inactive 2006-07-12
Sanjay Mahajan /star/u/mahajan Inactive 2006-07-13
Mateusz Rzepkowski /star/u/mat Inactive 2007-01-17
Yuriy (Yuri) Matulenko /star/u/matulenk Inactive 2005-04-09
Martin DeMello MDEMELLO@RUF.RICE.EDU /star/u/mdemello Inactive 2001-01-26
Alexei Mechtchanine /star/u/mechanin Inactive 2003-03-23
Kirill Medved MEDVED@SUNSE.JINR.RU /star/u/medved Inactive 2003-05-31
Falk Meissner /star/u/meissner Inactive 2005-07-12
Mercedes Lopez Noriega, /star/u/mercedes Inactive 20080710
Matthias Messer /star/u/messer Inactive 2004-08-04
Mark Heinz /star/u/mheinz Inactive 20100331
Mark Horner /star/u/mhorner Inactive 2008-01-31
Michael Heinz /star/u/mikeh57 Inactive 2004-09-03
Julie Millane /star/u/millane Inactive 20080531
Zoran Milosevich ZORAN.MILOSEVICH@CMU.EDU /afs/ Inactive 2004-09-21
Adam Maliszewski MALI.@IF.PW.EDU.PL /star/u/mmali Inactive  
Marcia Maria de Moura /star/u/mmoura Inactive 20100518
Cornelius Frederick Moore /star/u/moore Inactive 2006-07-17
Maria Mora Corral /star/u/mora Inactive 2004-01-21
Mikhail (Michael) Panebrattsev /star/u/mpanebra Inactive 2006-07-08
Mark Allen   /star/u/mrkallen Inactive 2003-06-21
Michael Swanger /star/u/mswanger Inactive 2007-01-03
Michael Thompson /star/u/mt Inactive 2003-03-18
Morgan T. Burks MTB@SSEOS.LBL.GOV /star/u/mtb Inactive  
Michael Zucker /star/u/mz74 Inactive 2007-05-31
Brian Atkinson /star/u/nairb774 Inactive 20080728
Nicholas Bevins /star/u/nbb112 Inactive 2006-05-18
Nicholas B. Hatcher /star/u/nhatcher Inactive 2003-05-08
soldatov nikita /star/u/nikita Inactive 2003-06-09
Vladimir Nikitin /star/u/nikitin Inactive 2006-01-31
Nilanthi Warnasooriya /star/u/nilanthi Inactive 2004-08-17
Nicholas (Nikolaos) Zachariou /star/u/nzachari Inactive 20080807
Oana Catu /star/u/oana Inactive 20091001
Philip Domagala /star/u/pad171 Inactive 2006-05-10
Daniel Pastor /star/u/pastor Inactive 2006-07-11
Baba V.K.S. Potukuchi /star/u/pbaba Inactive 2006-12-31
Petros Aslanyan ASLANYAN@SUNHE.JINR.RU /star/u/petros Inactive 2003-01-05
Jouri Petoukhov (Petukhov), /star/u/petukhov Inactive 2005-08-14
Peter Couvares /star/u/pfc Inactive 20080725
Paul Norman PIN@NP.PH.BHAM.AC.UK /star/u/pin Inactive 2002-03-27
Walter Pinganaud WALTER.PINGANAUD@SUBATECH.IN2P3.FR /star/u/pingana Inactive  
Peter Nicholson Dudley /star/u/pndudley Inactive 2006-05-13
Yelena (Elena) Potrebenikova /star/u/potreben Inactive 2008-01-31
Qichao Hu /star/u/qichaohu Inactive 2006-05-31
Qingli Li /star/u/qingli Inactive 20080710
Qingjun Liu /afs/ Inactive 2003-09-30
Gregory Rakness /star/u/rakness Inactive 2007-02-16
Olivier Ravel OLIVIER.RAVEL@SUBATECH.IN2P3.FR /star/u/ravel Inactive  
stepan razin RAZIN@IUCF.INDIANA.EDU /star/u/razin Inactive 2005-11-10
Renan Cabrera /star/u/rcabrera Inactive 2004-07-13
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Joerg Reinnarth /star/u/reinnart Inactive 2006-03-27
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