Embedding news and progress

Speaker : Renee Fatemi ( UKY )

Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:15

Embedding Update

A) In general embedding is proceeding at good clip. We are nearly finished with 4 samples since collaboration meeting.

B) Highest priority request seems to suffer from lack of expertise and manpower.  D0/D0bar in AuAu 2007 P08ic.  Problem is in SVT reconstruction of MC tracks. Snippet from Sarah La Pointe:

1. MC tracks have hits (before reconstruction)
2. Real data tracks in the reconstructed event have the correct hits.
3. The reconstructed MC tracks (~45% have hits) and I think this must be
wrong, shouldn't it match the real reconstructed tracks to some degree?

C) 3rd highest priority request is STARlite embedding into AuAu 62 GeV.  This takes quite a bit of development work. Ticket submitted :


(Also tried to add people to ticket but was denied permission?)

D) Embedding macros from PWG - need to discuss how to proceed

E) Request from PWGs to add electrons to standard P/K/p running and try embedding more than one particle per request.  These will require some testing but seems to be no show stopper.

F) UIC (shout out to Olga) has agreed to use computing and student power there to run standard embedding requests.  Jeff is looking into how best to bring UIC online with embedding.

G) Xianglei has agreed to join as an ED - this is good news.  Working with Jeff to secure training at PDSF and then possibly transferring Xianglei over to UIC once it is up and running.