Run 11 preparation meeting #1

2010-11-05 16:00
2010-11-05 17:00
America/New York
Friday, 5 November 2010
1-189, EVO, at 20:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
For guidance, our flagship projects for Year 10 from last
year included:
* Online storage / central storage
* Revamping the online network
* Auto-calib and Auto-QA projects
* New online plots
* Try to make good on code in CVS

We would need to hear about
- QA (online and offline) - assume Gene will compile a summary
- Online tools ShiftSignup, RunLog, ShiftLog - Dmitry & Leve
- Production requests during yhe run - Lidia
- DB issues if any remaining - Dmitry
- Storage and other issues - Wayne

 As first action items, we will also need as every year
to (a) poll users for storage requirements online and (b) be sure
all DB back-end supporting all tools are rotated and ready (and all
links / generic names are as well for Run 11). If you need storage
space online and have a opinion, please voice it especially if
need diverge from past year's.