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2011-10-07 13:30
2011-10-07 14:30
America/New York
Friday, 7 October 2011
510-4867333, at 17:30 (GMT), duration : 01:00

1) HFT Geometry update. There several things going on.

   The highest priority item is to build a y2013 geometry
   for the prototype run. This needs the beam pipe, the
   support cones and the 3-sector PXL model. I asked
   Jonathan to be the liaison with the BNL group.

   The SSD ladders in geant have very nice detail (thanks
   Gerrit for remind me of that). Minor work on the ladder
   would be needed plus the re-mounting in the smaller

   Some documents I posted on the meeting's page, Jonathan
   is going to also post snapshots of UPGR13 and UPGR15
   (current) geometry.

   I will created on the subsystem pages on Drupal directories
   (repositories) for Geometry information/drawing, Survey
   documents (eg fiducial mark position drawings etc) etc.

2) We started work on updating the prototype efficiency/
   acceptance of D0s to current sector specs. Some
   older calculations done by us and Howard Wieman are
   posted. This stuff is going to be the basis for a
   presentation to the HF group with the question of
   'What physics can we get out of the HFT prototype?'
   provided a lengthy/healthy run and also that
   tracking with TPC/PXL only is marginally o.k. (TBD)

3) I would like to start the discussion (Purdue needed)
   on what is next in implementing a Fast/slow sim in STAR.


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