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2011-10-14 13:30
2011-10-14 14:30
America/New York
Friday, 14 October 2011
510-4867333, at 17:30 (GMT), duration : 01:00

1) I know that Jonathan re-run the prototype
efficiency (acceptance) for  pt>0.3
(which is to make sure we have a reasonable
track reconstr.in the TPC). He is going to post

his file soon.

2) We are looking into optimizing the TPC+3sector PXL
   configuration. TPC has 12 sectors the PXL 3 out of 10.

We need to take care of the gaps (put the 3sectors)
   so we have only one TPC gap shadowing, and also make
   sure we have healthy TPC sectors. He has some drawings
   and there is work in progress here (use TPC state in last
   run as a basis).

3) He is making a list of volumes in Y2013 'blank' geometry.
   We are waiting for a drawing to be available for that
   year's support material but Flemming/Jim are big helpers
   in this (thanks guys). Jonathan is playing with this

4) There is some progress in reprocessing the old, Yifei's
   files with BFC and mask out IST/SSD hits (no material)
   plus PXL sector (hits). Later I will coordiante with
   Yifei to start a production with Hijing+D0s in Y2013a,b
   (a=Mercedes, b=All adjacent) with proper material, for
   accurate tracking excercises.

5) I posted a WBS Software schedule Flemming prepared. I
   still need to talk to him so I can understand the notation.

Send the list the items yoiu might have. S.


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