Logistic forward and timing

Speaker : Jerome Lauret ( BNL )

Talk time : 15:55, Duration : 00:20


Assuming the review is on the 14th, we have less that 4 weeks. The suggested timeline is:

  • TbyT internal evaluation MUST be a focus of this week's activities - any problems should be addressed right away (one more chance and no more to reproduce some samples)
  • Material for talks should be thought and assembled right away - geometry demonstration should and case should be ready now. Misisng parts + bootstrap
  • ALL: please read again the review charges - they are detailed and requires specific results to be presented. Do you have it under control?
  • Review of tracker testers results need to happen for the next 2 weeks
  • During that time, base presentations should be assembled - design, algorithms, approach , etc ... documentation should be assembled and ready
  • All results should be available a week prior to the review for reviewers to go over it. Refinement allowed on the last week but talks should be near final.


Other logistics:

  • Since both Jerome and Xin are the recipient of the the review commitee report, they should NOT steer the efforts from now onward for independent result purposes. Currently Jerome called all the meeting and reminded of the misses and problems.