Review of past action items

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Talk time : 15:20, Duration : 00:20

Action items included

  • Au+Au 2004 
    Action: need to (re)do the sample with Sti as well to be sure we have  all from the same library (yes, it was produced before as a test but consistency in comparison is important). Paul Chung request.
    Status: done & made available
  • Note/Action: we need at least 1 Million events per sample for TbyT comparisons. Lidia is already doing this on 10 to 20 DAQ files (with hits). Let us place it along the rest of the data (for now, separate place for the base QA)
    To be discussed: each sample of 1 M events would take 6 TB of space - can we reduce to 100k events? 250k events? (minimal set)
  • Todo: make a summary page for data sample & disk and location + where the ROOT files are
    Status: done - page available here.
  • Data sample decision: would create a 1 M Au+Au event sample for Sti and Stv + AgML. Option should be "AgML".
    Status: on the way - technical problems to be discussed briefly
  • Note: BT #2202 was high priority
    Status: beleived to be resolved, ticket has been left opened however
  • Simulation data samples
    Note & Action: Noted that Leve can use the "special: queue and besides, if push come to shove, we should stop Run 11 data
    production and make the review a priority. Running under starreco is a possibility.
    Note: summary of data sample locations for simulated data also on a page - would use the same page.
    Status: page sumary ready and available here. Should discuss the summary of readiness (next topic)
  • Miscellaneous
    Suggestion: at the next tag, we get back to the standard "eval" area and stop AutoBuild
    Status: not using "eval" yet?
  • To confirm: ball in Jan's court (at least as soon as BT # 2202 is fixed). Jerome will contact him then and be sure to get a confirmation that he (and the FGT folks) do not need anything from the S&C team to finish the FGT simu.
    Status: confirmation was made on 10/12/2011
  • Decision on sample: still need a simulation sample for FGT, W+ and W-would be a suggestion. Other: zeroth order test: muon in the FGT direction.
    Status: should discuss this at next topic.