eSTAR Task Force biweekly meeting

2011-11-23 12:30
2011-11-23 13:30
America/New York
Wednesday, 23 November 2011
EVO 109811 Wednesday 12:30PM, at 17:30 (GMT), duration : 01:00

eSTAR phone meeting (one day before Thanksgiving):

EVO ID 109811 Wednesday 12:30--1:30PM
1) Crystal calorimeter (BSO) (Yifei call in from China) 
  BSO (Yifei)
2) polarimetry , Dave Underwood



3) synchrotron radiation (EIC: Elke)
4) Inner tracker (miniTPC)
   Monday and Tuesday, there was a joint discussion between
   BNL and GSI, Panda had a miniTPC with GEM readout
   in FOPI test.
   And other R&D projects
5) status update and preparation for EIC R&D and STAR upgrade meetings
Happy Thanksgiving!
Ernst and Zhangbu