Library sanity, BoW

Speaker : Lidia Didenko

Talk time : 12:35, Duration : 00:15

We will review the issues listed in this post.

  #2343 - switched geometry version  for year 2009 y2009a-> y2009d;
          geometry y2009a was set in bfc.C chain but it switched
          to y2009d somewhere in the code;

  #2355 - root4star: malloc(): memory corruption in pp 200GeV/500GeV
          pythia, year 2009. The crash is floating, difficult
          to trace it.

  #2113 - Large unknown GeantIDs crash bfc.C.
          No final solution yet, not attended since Feb 21.

   Embedding related:

  #2347 - dedx for electrons in embedding data doesn't match
          electrons in real data; under investigation and discussion;

  #2342 - dedx 10% higher in TpcRS then in real data;
          under investigation;