eSTAR Task Force biweekly meeting

2012-06-05 12:00
2012-06-05 13:00
America/New York
Tuesday, 5 June 2012
EVO 123569, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00



1) Decadal Plan talk at PAC (Carl)


2) EIC R&D Committee Report

  EIC R&D Committee Report for May 2012


3) eSTAR Simulation status

  a) FSC (Yuxi Pan)

  b) simulation of acceptance and resolution in (x,Q^2)  (Ming)

  c) event generators

  d) iTPC, VFGT

4)new idea of Hadronic Calorimeter+preshower (Akio/Hank)?

5) Workshop and future planning 
   a) latest agenda

  b) LoI for upgrades (FSC+iTPC)




Ernst and Zhangbu