HFT Software

2012-08-24 13:30
America/New York
Friday, 24 August 2012
510-4867333, at 17:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00

We will have a meeting tomorrow. Agenda items:
1) There was a workshop with the GSI/Frankfurt people on
   CA-tracking in HFT. There was a presentation yesterday in
   the S&C meeting but I asked Jonathan to summarize a bit
   better what was done and the plans. Yesterday's talk is here:


2) The IST software effort (UIC) is picking up. There were
   email exchanges between me and/or Jonathan and Zhenyu
   on tasks/pririties etc. We need to bring this to full
   group's attention.

3) In about a month from now we will have an Alignment review.
   Work on the simulation smaples and analysis needs to
   restart and focus.

4) AOB (I would like to get an update on PXL survey from


12:30PXL Survey Update ( 00:20 ) 1 fileHao
12:50CA-tracking in HFT ( 00:20 ) 1 filejonathan
12:55IST (Some stuff) ( 00:20 ) 4 files
13:10IST code & alignment review ( 00:20 ) 1 filejoanthan