Run 12 production status

Speaker : Lidia Didenko ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:00, Duration : 00:15

                         Production Status

 - pp 200GeV run 2009 P11id data reproduction has been completed for FF & RFF;
   used  year 2000 TPC sectors alignement and revisited SC & GL,
   beamLine, dEdx and TOF calibrations;

   Next datasets have been rerun:


   Total statistics = 1038M events
  Next stream data have been processed:
  st_physics, st_upsilon , st_gamma, st_mtd, st_hlt, st_fmsfast, st_zerobias;
  All datasets from P10ic pp 200GeV data production have been rerun
  in P11id production, except for pp2pp datasets, there was no request;
  several hundreds raw data files have been lost due to
  damaged tape.

  Detail statistics by trigger set name and stream data
  could be found on the browser:

 - UU 193GeV run 2012 QM datasample has been rerun with final calibrations.
   Next stream data have been processed:
  - all st_centralpro - 14M events;
    st_physics from selected runnunmbers - 24M events;

 - we continue to process complete UU 193GeV UU_production_2012 dataset;
   total statistics to produce is 975M;
   currently produced - 80M events;
   next stream data: st_physics, st_upc, st_gamma, st_mtd, st_zerobias
   are in production.

   Job status is monitoring and you can find summary on the page:

   No problem with jobs for now but we have to increase (Jerome managed)
   local node space becuase files are too big and jobs
   crashed due to there was not enough space to write them.
   Also for some nodes (rcas) one slot was blocked to reduce
   number of nodes running on the one node due to unsufficient
   local space. 

   At the beginning there was some problem with DB connection, 3.5% crashed
   perhaps becuase we ran st_centralpro stream data, events are rare and DB load was high;
   now production is running smothy.

   With current resourses I would expect to finish UU 193GeV production
   in 90-110 days (estimation is not occurate because recent desruption
   with condor batch failure and pp 200GeV calibration production running in parallel )