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Talk time : 12:55, Duration : 00:05
  • data03 cleanup will happen today - space will be reduced to a to a 4 months retention time ; please clean up anything you do not need ASAP
  • com;ilation rules - please consult this post. Main point is that if code commits breaks, we will either remove the entire tree from compilation, the sub-system from chains or backstep from the recent changes
  • Removing from CVS: St_tpcdaq_Maker and StRTSClient & StRTSClient was proposed
    • Those are supposed to be retired and replaced by "RTS".
    • The results for <= 2008 obtained with RTS and St_tpcdaq_Maker/StRTSClient
      are compatible except y2001/y2003
  • Assembling a new library for the incoming run - needed soon
    • Possibly missing and to update later: chains, final geometry and possibly pending codes (in review)
    • We need to test a newer release and use it as baseline for online
  • Nightly MC tests show a drastic jump in efficiency - need explicit feedback (see two plots below)
    • embedding, for auau 200GeV run 2011 data
    • MC itself for auau 200GeV hijing