Geometry readiness for Run 13

Speaker : Jason Webb ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:35, Duration : 00:20

Y2013 tag is defined, with all of the new detectors and modifications to existing detectors:

  • Pixel detector for the HFT has been added (PixlGeo5.xml)
  • New version of the MTD (MutdGeo5.xml)
  • New version of the BTOF geometry, with GMT added (BtofGeo8.xml)
  • New version of the beam pipe (PipeGeo2.xml)

Working to resolve a few details:

  • Compilation warnings in BtofGeo8 -- volumes are created as "konly"  (should they be positioned as "konly"?)
  • MTD is missing in the starsim geometry
  • Beam pipe has different mass in AgSTAR vs AgML
  • AgSTAR geometry has 3 extra volumes, and fewer nodes