Readiness for a new library release

Speaker : All ( All )

Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:10

Current list of problems in need to be addressed:

  • BT #2555 : assert in Sti for some nightly jobs;         
    There was a problem with StMagUtilities in optimized library, jobs hung due to problem with loop. Imagined to be due to loop unrolling (optimizer), fix was applied but jobs started to crash with Assertion `fabs(mFP._cosCA) <= 1.' failed in StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx .
  • 7% rise in number of global trackes in year 2011 & year 2010 embedding datasample
    Is this a side effect of fixing bug #2347?
    This topic was treated in the AOB and assigned to Yuri. Status update was requested Software and Computing Meeting for the second time aftre assignement. We need an answer.

Other bugs, mainly embedding related (some need a sttaus update but may have been resolved)

  • BT #2554 - Initially ill-classified, FGT points issue [will not hold library release for this as relevant for FastOffline mainly]
  • BT #2557 - Missing TPC sector 1 in Run 13 data
  • BT #2500 - Problem with FGTRaw DAQ Reader? Need confirmation of fix
  • BT #2314 - track chi^2 is too big in simulation vs real data; library SL10c_embed
  • BT #2440 - problem in StAssociationMaker for reading the geant.root (segmentation violation), files have been produced with SL11d library; (custom macro)
  • BT #2443 - Problem with StTreeMaker::GetTree ()  in  SL11d_embed library on PDSF. Segmentation 0x04bb8f86 in StTreeMaker::GetTree  (custom macro)
  • BT #2444 - embedding code will not run under SL10k_embed; undefined symbol _ZN16St_tpcHitErrorsC8instanceEv; library was updated long time ago, need confirmation that it was fixed.
  • BT #2495 - SL12d_embed, mismatch in # mc_reconstructed_tracks in different sectors
  • BT #2497 - mcVertex smeared in SL12_embed. VFMCE dependent on VFMinuit; not taken
  • BT #2556 - the simulation geometry in SL08e_embed is not up to date; no ry2008e geometry [Mustafa informed Jerome / will look]