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Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:20
  • Network problems ongoing (see this post)
  • SL6 upgrade
    • Switch to new ROOT version not done in time (not done so far in .dev, resuming this)
    • Pretty sure users did NOT check their code, if problems please report - initial ETA was to have all code checked by now
    • Please, provide feedbakc of whta is missing ...
  • RT ticket reminder
    • Please use the system as reposotory of knowledge and problem solving (private Email not very conducive to team knowledge preservation)
    • Please answer to the ticket (no need to reply-all as we get double answers otherwise). Best to go to the Web interface
  • File system Kaboum - repair near done (RT #2658)
  • Several improvement online - follow-up of problem report
    • ESL - Leve's presentation
    • ShiftSign-up - found solution for fair sign-up in regards of institution drop-down list
    • Connection from nodes to nodes from generic accounts - solution on the way (node restriction + user based keys)