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Talk time : 12:35, Duration : 00:20
  • HeartBleed bug and issues - RCF sent their notice on Monday
    Subject: "[Rhic-rcf-l] All RHIC email users to login and change their email password"
    Link is throufgh RoundCube.
  • YES you do have to change your gmail password if not done already as noted
  • HFT and S&C joint discussion grand summary
    • HFT geometry still not OK - SST and IST being worked on by repsectively Jonathan and Yaping with help from Dmitri.
    • We need to test geometry overlaps once for all
  • You do not have access to view this node
    • If the HFT team could coordinate restores hrough one user it would help boosting overall performance
  • GPFS  - news pending (PO cut, $ for licenses not confirmed)
  • ...