HFT Software

2014-05-30 14:30
America/New York
Friday, 30 May 2014
510-4867333, at 18:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00

 1) Flemming remarks on Warsaw meeting and upcoming LBL face2face meeting 

   (what to expect and when). Also inform the group on the PXL plans for the 3He

   run and the end game.

2) Xin put together a detailed and thoughtful task list (unfortunately long)! He might want

   to discuss some aspects of it especially related to KPP work. There is background 

   discussions going on some of these aspects.

3) Updates: post your stuff on Drupal. I am aware of several short updates. I will ask people 

   have key slides only with enough text to make someone understand in case we do not 

   have enough time to get to it today.

14:30Summary of masking performance ( 00:20 ) 1 fileMichael Lomnitz
20:30PxlQa Status Days 133-142 ( 00:15 ) 1 fileMartin Girard
20:45gamma-ray imaging update ( 00:20 ) 1 filejonathan
21:05Efficiency for high track density events ( 00:20 ) 0 filesYifei Zhang
21:05Pxl and Ist hit distribution ( 00:20 ) 1 fileAmilkar Quintero
21:25IST calibration update ( 00:20 ) 1 fileBabak Abi (UIC)