Issue: MTD access to DB

Speaker : Rongrong Ma ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:10

 There have been several instances of crashing in bfc chain reported by Lidia and Mustafa when the StMtdHitMaker is trying to access the DB. The cause is that a DBV time stamp was set in the bfc chain before the entry time of all the MTD tables (May 29th). Therefore, no table satisfies the DBV requirement, thus crashed the chain. Serveral solutions have been brought to table:

  • Set the DBV time stamp for MTD to June 1st in all the cases of bfc chains, both for official and private running.
  • Set the "Entry time" of all the MTD tables back to 2011 by hand.
  • In StMtdHitMaker, if no table is availble, either bail out or use the default vlaues.