STAR Management Meeting

2014-09-05 11:00
2014-09-05 12:30
America/New York
Friday, 5 September 2014
SeeVogh# 100 7671, BNL room 1-189, at 15:00 (GMT), duration : 01:30

1) LRP Town Meeting executive summary relevant to STAR

2) Upgrade projects/Workshop

2b) HFT CD4 review report 
  should I announce it to STAR.

3) S&T review STAR talk 
  • New results and accomplishments
  • Results from beam energy scan
  • Results from and plans for future running with HFT, MTD
  • Evolution of useful luminosity and high-rate data collection efficiency for STAR
  • STAR Decadal Plan
The following is what I sent to Raimond, should we do the same for other speakers?
Will it be more productive if experts in related subjects in this list contact the speakers
Email I sent to Raimond:
“Public documents on STAR’s whitepapers and plans for the future:
1) BUR for run15 and run16 and talks at PAC meeting in June (cover now to 2016):
skip a year
2) BES II whitepaper (2018--2019 possible 2020):
3) pp/pA document (2020+)
4) eSTAR LOI (2025+)
5) older document of STAR decadal plan (2010--2020):
Let me know if you need anything else.
“ (end of email)
Hot QCD and Spin related discussions in LRP plenary session (who is talking about this)
   Proposal is to contact Roy Holt and Naomi Makins  
   Elke has been in contact with Roy Holt. 
   Should we contact all the speakers and provide information: 
   other talks related to hot QCD: 
   a)Krishna Rajagopal (open questions in theory)
   b)Swagato Mukherjee (lattice QCD for RHIC and LHC)
   c)Mikhail Stephanov (studying the QCD phase diagram via BES)
   d) Bjoern Schenke (standard model of QGP theory)
   d) Raimond Snellings (standard model of QCD experiments)
   e) Hanna Petersen (Dynamical modeling at low collision energy and high mu_b) 
   f) community inputs (short presentations) dilepton and LPV
   g) Zhong-bo Kang (p+A at RHIC and LHC)
   h)John Lajoie (p+A experiments at RHIC and LHC)
   i)Xin-nian Wang (jet theory)
   j) Guther Roland (Jet experiments)
   k) Jamie Nagle (jet RHIC)
   g) joint session
      Bill Zajc (RHIC and LHC overview)

5) 2020+ Heavy-Ion Program at top energies (is STAR done?)
    I was asked the question again at the spokespersons' meeting?
    What do we want to do?
    There was not a strong argument to increase the statistics 
    from what we have by a factor of 2. 
    In our Decadal and eSTAR plan, we have penciled in possible HFT' 
    for high-rate readout and possible heavy-flavor tagged jet, but
    nothing really specific than that.

6) Long Quadupole Paper by Trainor 
    I have attached all the communications I know.
    It has been discussed at GPC, previous management, council, 
    starpapers, volunteer (Dan), and now at starpapers