Talk time : 11:00, Duration : 00:20

 1) Flemming went through SSD geometry. Rather minor modifications. Expects minimum impact on DCA effect but QA needs to be done after his work has been propagated to the library. 

2) Hao on STI tracking work. There are several proposed modifications related to stopped tracking for large incident angles etc. We need Viktor to implement them...he appears to be busy at the moment with other things. Hao is doing local tests and developments.

3) Gamma tomography: Warsaw group posted some slides last week. Continue to optimize cuts. Ayman (KSU) about to start a pre-production on run13. Amilkar to produce more pi0 events.

4) Amilkar is doing some test with his tool: the cluster-based vertex finder in real data. The tool might be useful for SSD related work too. He will prepare some slides for next week.

5) Jonathan started looking at correlating SSD reco hits with PXL+IST. Some good candidates identified by eye [see his post on SSD list] but detailed work is needed. In progress.