HFT Tracking Efficiency

2015-01-16 13:30
America/New York
Friday, 16 January 2015
EVO, at 18:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
 Xin's email:

There are various studies from Michael, Hao and Bingchu recently. They are not fully understood. Since this is a very urgent issue, may I suggest we have a meeting today saying 1:30pm EST (the previous HFT meeting time) to discuss about these results and also make a plan? There are also feedbacks from the special meeting on Wed. between Hao and S&C team. Hao may also tell us the comments received there.

Bingshu's plots: http://www.star.bnl.gov/protected/heavy/huangbc/simu/Bingchu_hft_eff_20150116.pdf
Hao's page: https://www.star.bnl.gov/protected/heavy/qiuh/HFT/software/tracking_150114.pdf

13:30Prelim Eff Studies ( 00:20 ) 1 fileMichael Lomnitz