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Talk time : 12:55, Duration : 00:05

  • Production of the 2014 data on going - see summary here.
  • Note that user jobs will migrate (be pushed) to PHENIX nodes now - see graphs below

  • Vertex finder evaluation - asked Dmitri to follow this. Page from Grant Webb on what they would need is available here.
  • Reminder:
    • Please use the DataCarousel AND the reserved space for DAQ files on /star/data03/daq (respecting the standard path). Indexer would pick up files and if many people use DAQ files in a workflow "check if file exists" -> "if not restore" -> "process", there is a chance that we do not restore the same files over and over ...
    • /star/data03/daq (aka /gpfs01/star/daq) space is controlled via Watermarking ... there should always be space.
  • Incoming code peer review closure: StIstFastSimulator and StFmsPointMaker .
  • ...